Posted by G.S. Luthra Posted on 6 June 2020

The New Generation of Americans have Accepted a Lower Standard of Living

I came into this world with an honest work ethic and a great desire to achieve wealth and happiness, something that US politicians advertise as “The American dream”. The theory is that if you work hard, financial freedom can be yours. Early immigrants toiled away during the industrial revolution because they were promised that technology would deliver a better, easier life with a shorter workday to eventually reach a point of abundance. The present reality however, reveals the opposite the children of the industrial laborers are working for pebbles with an ever-increasing rate of inflation. It is a normal expectation for a single person to live in a 1-bed apartment at a reasonable price, but these days in North America, flats and studios can cost $1,800/month and 1-beds are over $2,000/month and that’s not including utilities.

More people have become adjusted to living in shared communities as this has become the norm. Home ownership has decreased in America, supposedly wealthiest country in the world, and Canada isn’t doing much better either. Millennials in these countries are content coming home from their low-wage slave jobs to their 2×2 living spaces much like being stocked in their proper shelf.

Americans’ Buying Power is Decreasing

I met a Ukrainian Canadian immigrant who complained about the ridiculous living costs in Toronto. The room he lived in was smaller then a studio and yet costed almost $700/month with shared dirty bathrooms and dirty kitchen. He said in his home country, a 1-bedroom apartment with private bathroom including utilities is only around $400-$500. In the US and Canada, that costs over $2,000. It seems like only high income professionals who sold their souls to corporations are the privileged ones to enjoy a normal standard while everyone else rots in the slums. Third-world standard as become the new standard in first-world nations as the class distinctions are becoming clearer much like the caste system in India. Preference is given to those of a particular breed while the rest are given the finger by the government.

Ridiculous Prices and Taxes

Driving America and Canada’s slum roads, taxes in these countries are like a preventative to prevent the citizens from becoming rich. Buying a home alone costs a fortune, so most are forced to be a humble tenant to an almighty landlord. More men are unsettled in their late thirties, forties, and even fifties. Women are pushing off marriage as career has become their sole focus. Laws have become more restrictive for starting and running a business and with the corona cabana, small businesses owners and workers have suffered.

If universal income is introduced, it will essentially be mass digitized food stamps which will create a generation of unmotivated couch potatoes whose souls has been stripped out of them as they lay on the sofa watching mind degrading TV while they live the rest of their lives without dreams. I worked hard and sacrificed my whole life but what I got in return is similar to what many others have received – the middle finger. Highly qualified people are expected to work for low salaries and do the work of ten people. Companies are downsizing.

Increased Crime may Lead to Martial Law

Looting, although wrong, is a reflection of the country’s economic condition as people have no jobs and have lost hope. The longer the “emergency” lock-down continues, the worse it will be for law abiding citizens. The economy is going to take a while to recover and this will mean an even lower standard of living. Such a state is going to increase tensions between the US and China, most likely prompting Trump to seek “justice” from the virus that China allegedly let out, even if that means war. This will give his war mongering advisors a sick orgasmic pleasure as they would love nothing more than seeing another world war with countless lives suffering. It’s all part of their quest for conquering the world, and Donald Trump is their clueless puppet.

The only way for this to stop is if people stop being swayed by this lie of voting and believing that the government is there for their benefit. People should take a stand and do a unified no vote boycott of the next election to show the bureaucrats that they are not buying their lies and deceit any longer. But alas, one sober man can only hope for such a miracle.

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