Posted by Gareth Icke - memes and headline comments by David Icke Posted on 6 June 2020

Slouching Toward Sedition: Social Media Giants Are Crossing The Line (They did so long ago)

As their own actions demonstrate, social media companies are coming together to essentially overthrow the government of the United States. While it’s difficult to prove back-room collusion, it is not difficult to see these companies forming a like-minded mob that moves in unison toward some common objective.

In this case, the objective is to destroy a presidency, a person and a system of government that has served America for over 200 years.

Attacks are coming from all directions, large and small. Twitter, Google, YouTube and Facebook’s antics of censorship are well known. Now, lesser- known platforms are joining in, like Yelp, and Neighborside.

Censoring the speech and thoughts of citizens is a direct attack on the First Amendment in specific and the U.S. Constitution in general. This is designed to overthrow the Constitution.

The government, along with its elected officials, has the explicit and necessary right to communicate with the American people. Any private organization that interferes with this right to diminish, discredit or prevent unfettered communication is making a direct attack on the ability of the government to function properly.

It has also become clear that Big Social Media’s censorship is very selective. While censorship of government officials is being executed, there is no censorship of violent forces who are dedicated to the violent overthrow of the government.

Lastly, the personal attacks seen against a duly-elected President are serving only to overthrow him. Some such attacks are obvious and some are very subtle. For instance,  if you type the word”racist” into Twitter’s search bar, the first entry that comes up is “Donald J. Trump.”

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