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Top 4 video cameras for recording a podcast

Podcasts is the trending and new system of reaching a wide range of audience. The live video presentation is gaining popularity globally.  Podcast has evolved from audio to video, where one has to present quality to the viewers. Podcasting entails a lot and requires you to invest in digital equipment such as cameras, stabilizers, headphones, and microphones. You need to prepare well before shooting any video to avoid disappointment. However, to get better results, one has to invest in the camera. This the only gadget that will determine your success. Getting the best camera for podcasting will require to check on the features and specs before settling for a specific camera. 

GoPro Hero 8 black 

The GoPro company has introduced the best and improved camera in the market. Its best for its images stabilization and videos. The camera has adequate light to help in recording. it best for podcast recording, the camera has new accessory ‘Mods’ a quality microphone to help in voice projection. It also has LED light to help in low-light scenes. The camera is best recommended for podcasting for the quality video and photos displayed. The camera has a USB type c, and a HDMI built-in ports as extra accessories. The camera is light weight and easy to mount anywhere when recording. 

  • Canon EOS Rebel 5Ti

The Canon EOS is associated with the best film video recording camera. It’s the top option for podcast creators and movie stars. The camera has EOS compatible lenses, which help in controlling your images. It’s easy to use with both beginners and experienced podcast host. The camera can be upgraded with new EOS equipment enhancing its productivity in the film and podcasting world. It is lightweight and easily portable with a hardcover in case it falls. 

  • Sony DSCHX80/B

THE Sony DSCHX80/B is a jack of all trades camera; it used in the film platform by many movie companies. It has excellent specs that suit the field, such as 1/2.3 CMOS sensor, which offers quality videos and images.  The camera is portable and easily used in the outdoor filming. It’s lightweight and small enough to settle on the palm. The device gives 18.2MP, which is quite great compared to other cameras. The camera zooms in all dimensions as it has a Zeiss Vario-Sonnar T optical lenses. The audience finds the video/podcast closer and precise. It’s flexible, controlled from any distance. It also best for podcast beginners. The LCD screen can be flipped open during recording though it’s not a touch screen. These doesn’t hider the camera from ranking as best in podcast recording. 

  • Nikon D5300 

The camera is advance and best fits in the music podcast field. It has different features that help musicians create great videos for their music. It has a strong sensor of 24MP, which is best for a podcast. It’s small in size, making it portable and flexible while in action. It’s easily mounted on the stand or hard to reach places during video shooting. The camera has an inbuilt flash and well-placed buttons for easy switching. 

The LCD screen gives high-quality images and videos, best for both music and filming industry. The battery life is long and suitable for podcasts, as it won’t switch off during the show. The size and shape are comfortable on the hand and also can work well during outdoor sessions.  Nikon D5300 has advanced aspects which are suitable for experienced podcast hosts, vloggers and music producers. It might prove not easy for beginners due to the menu navigation and operation of the buttons though it’s of high quality and excellent for podcasting.

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