Posted by G.S. Luthra Posted on 5 June 2020

I’m Going to Miss The Days Before the World Lost its Mind

Ah, how I recall the times when I could go out into the world and interact with people without a six-foot distance, to go to the grocery and take my time to enjoy the shopping experience with the vast selection of goods without wearing a mask. To go to the beach and feel the sun warmed sand massaging my feet as I breathe the salty refreshing ocean breeze and gaze far ahead into the deep blue sea. I’m going to miss those days when I could tell politically incorrect jokes without being called a racist.

Oh how I miss the days when the internet was free, when you could say outrageous things without censorship. It’s a shame that the cyber world is saturated by people who act tough while hiding behind a computer with a fictitious avatar. I’m going to miss the days when social media was actually about connecting with others. I’m going to miss those days of goofing around with high school friends at the neighborhood park without a care in the world. I pity the new generations who won’t have those relationships, but will instead be living in a bubble and spend their days on a computer, a video game, or a virtual reality simulation. They’ll be missing out on the real world and all that heavenly glory. I pity kids today who are pushed into academics and career at a single-digit age.

I’m happy I have the memories of playing outside, that no matter what the government does, they’ll never be able to take this away from me. Yes, I’m going to miss those days, but they’re priceless treasures. Someday, I will leave this Big Brother high-tech tyranny and move to greener pastures. Who knows, I may end up creating a better civilization where the youth will dance, play, and create precious memories that will last a lifetime.

I’m going to miss the days when you actually learned in school, not repeating PowerPoint slides on a piece of paper. I miss being able to write and explain answers with my thought process rather than filling circles on a multiple choice scantron in the name of cheap mass-produced education. I’m going to miss the days when people were actually your friend and not just associating with you for personal gain.

I miss the days when women didn’t pretend to be guys with bob cuts. When women had natural beauty with long flowing hair. I miss the days when women were not career oriented, and cared more about about true love and raising a family. And I’m going to miss the days when you could talk and tease women without being called a misogynist.

I miss being able to freely travel without perverted TSA security ready to frisk you and see your naked body on their x-ray scanner.

I miss the days before social justice, before Instagram, before Twitter, before Facebook, before the world-wide web, before outsourcing, before globalization, before booty shorts, before fingerprinting, before yoga pants, before fake people, before the digitization of society, and before the behemoth of useless information. I’m going to miss the days of privacy, when you didn’t have weirdos snooping on your phone calls and video meetings.

I’m going to miss the internet, of what it used to be about – surfing the web and checking out cool web-pages, where information was free without having to create an account or sign up for anything.

Yes, I’m going to miss those days as I take a deep breath and let out a sigh while looking far into the sky with the tall trees huddled together. I observe people around me scampering to salvage whatever freedom they have left. Around they run desperately trying to live it up, to do something that they can post on Instagram. Oh, how I shake my head as I watch them make calls, have video meetings, and share silly social justice posts on social media. I shake my head at how people pull out religion, dumb motivational speeches, and love & kindness while the government continues to treat them like dirt. The way people spread these cult-like waves of thinking is almost like some sort of pacifier for their current misery. I suspect that these people are either really bored, or really desperate. Or maybe they’re just in denial of the present reality.

Why don’t people take advantage of this social isolation to reflect and find out what it is they really want in life? I have made light-years of progress in doing inner work and have come to the decision that I’m no longer going to take it anymore. I will not accept mistreatment from academia, government, or anybody. I will not let religion or old belief systems hinder my development as a human being. And I know without a shadow of a doubt, that for me, pursuing employment, in the traditional sense, for big companies is a waste of time. My desire for financial freedom as a freelancer is greater than ever, my passion for life strengthened to steel hardness, and my dedication to my work has taken on a whole new meaning. This situation has worked to my advantage, and it can for everyone else, because it has teared down what we think we know about life, government, and what it means to truly be free.

A period like this is the perfect catalyst for the world to wake up to just how phony this so called civilized world really is, and individuals can make the choice to continue playing by the rules, or to be different and create their own path in life where they follow their destiny and enjoy the lifestyle that they want. I don’t know about you, but my outlook on life has been changed forever. I don’t live in a fairly tale, I see the current system for what it is, and know that unless changes are made, the same result will follow. I know now what I want in life, do you?

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