Posted by Gareth Icke - memes and headline comments by David Icke Posted on 3 June 2020

Intelligence-backed UK tech firm produces wrist buzzer to keep ‘social distance’ – if it didn’t exist the Deep State would have to invent it and so they did

A tech start-up company backed by GCHQ has created a social distancing wrist sensor that alerts the wearer when other people get too close.

The new device, which sends an alert by vibrating if another person comes within 2 metres, promises to be a major breakthrough for staff safety in the post Covid-19 workplace.

More than 200 companies worldwide have expressed an interest in the device as they look to adapt their workplaces for staff returning after lockdown.

The wearable sensor was developed by Tended, a company which has an office at the Landing in Salford Quays and is also based in Lincoln.

Tended was one of a number of start-up companies which were selected to be part of a GCHQ business accelerator programme for firms around Greater Manchester.

And it was while the company was being mentored by experts from the UK’s intelligence service that it developed the wearable social distancing sensor.

Tended had already been investigating proximity sensors before the Covid pandemic emerged in January, including one which alerted staff in warehouses when an HGV was close by.

As the coronavirus spread globally, the company saw the opportunity to develop the technology into a wearable device which would alert the user whenever a work colleague came too close.

The device can be worn on the wrist or as a tag on the waistband and will vibrate whenever someone else wearing the device breaches social distancing.

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