Posted by Rob Mazak (Staff Author) Posted on 2 June 2020

The Perfect Storm

Problem, reaction, solution – many people have said this same thing in many ways, yet no one seems to be paying attention to this model of Orwellian control schemes.  If you are not familiar with this paradigm, it goes like this – you create a problem, you get the reaction you were looking for, then you offer a solution to the problem that you created in the first place.  This is a great way of getting the population to agree with much more control and a reduction of your basic freedoms as a human being.  I a am a bonafide psychic, however, it does not take any special skills to take notice of what is going on in the world today.  I could go through and talk about the many schemes that have chipped away at our freedoms, such as Vietnam, Pearl Harbor, 911 attacks, but I will digress to what is currently happening.  There are major events that are happening concurrently, which are causes great distress, financial crisis, loss of employment, property damage, death, and loss of freedom to name a few.  The phrase I would like to use to correlate these events is “The Perfect Storm”.  The perfect storm basically means that many things happen at the same time to create a very powerful and magnificent storm of great proportions.  Several individual things alone are quite bad, but the combination of these is exponentially worse. 

The big three things right now that are creating a super storm are COVID-19, civil unrest, and hurricane season.  We all know what is happening with COVID-19 because this has been discussed in detail by many people, however, I believe that “event” will only get worse before it gets better.  I believe that we are only seeing the tip of the iceberg and that are a great number of new issues forthcoming for this plandemic.  Now that the population has accepted COVID-19 more readily, the tracking and tracing will begin to be the next agenda which will allow more control and monitoring of the population.  Models have now come out that place the death rate at around .026%, however, the original projection models created by the CDC, Johns Hopkins, and the WHO certainly caused mass panic and worldwide lockdown.  There certainly have been deaths related to this virus, but a large percentage of those were most likely caused by the lock down.  I have been working on the response planning for COVID-19 and I have seen a great amount of money, assets, personnel, and time being spent on a virus that has an extremely small death rate.  Even when this information is publicly posted, this will not change the agenda, COVID will continue for most of our lifetimes, and will probably bear slightly different names in the coming years, such as COVID-20 etc. 

The population being isolated for several months now has caused great anger, depression, and anxiety in many people and this is now flaring up into a large and nationwide civil disturbance.  The entire country is protesting, rioting, looting, and causing great property damage over the death of a black man by a white police officer.  I will never diminish the life of anyone, and I am certainly not saying that George Floyd was not a valuable person, I just believe that the protests have now spiraled into something that has nothing to do with that situation.  Once again, being on the emergency planning side of state responses, I am now watching as the military, police and many other organizations are being mobilized at a very rapid rate to help control this civil unrest. 

When the COVID-19 agenda started, people were verbalizing how they felt like a military police state was now going to begin – now a large part of the population is out in the streets acting like straight criminals and causing the military and police state assets to be mobilized.  I am all for speaking your mind and protesting for your basic rights as a human being and a citizen, but what is going on around the country has become straight criminal in nature.  I have not yet figured out what breaking into stores, looting them, burning them down and like type crimes, has to do with the death of George Floyd?!  What we are doing out there in these riots is actually creating the problem that the administration was already looking for, thereby causing our own reaction to the problem, and now the government only has one solution.  This time we are doing it to ourselves, we are causing the problem and the reaction, and now the administration is bringing down the Marshall law that everyone feared would be coming – it is now hear folks, and if we do not stop this madness, the madness will be stopped by our government.  What is the purpose of anarchy anyway?  Trying to destroy the government, the police, the military, will only leave us ungoverned and aimless where everything and anything goes.  To some, this sounds like the answer, but let me assure you, that kind of world would not be fit for human existence.  If we are not careful, we will have another civil war in this country and life as you know it will be forever changed. 

Let us look at a couple of things.  The current word is that they have moved President trump to an underground bunker because of this civil unrest.  The administration is pushing for the President to enact a law that has not been used since 1807 during the insurrection.  This law would allow the President to federalize all the military forces and pull them under the control of the President and no longer under the control of the individual states.  The President has already put out guidance to elevate the active military to one million personnel – and has reached out to all the retired military personnel for possible mobilization.   Many states have already declared a second state of emergency for the riots, which give Governors ultimate control of whatever they need to restore order.  Like I have already stated, this is only the beginning, there is much more to come and if the population does not settle down, the military police state will continue to build and may stay longer than anyone envisions. 

Now for the third part of the perfect storm.  We have been having an unprecedented amount of extreme weather and the prediction for this hurricane season is quite ominous.  Again, I could digress to discuss the abilities of world leaders to control weather, chemtrails, HAARP, etc. but I shall move forward under the assumption of established weather warfare.  It seems uncanny how accurate weather predictions have become, and yes, we have better monitoring devices, but it is truly easy to predict the weather if you are creating and controlling it.  We currently have the potential for our first big hurricane sitting just outside of the Gulf of Mexico and this will likely cause more havoc on the states that border the Gulf.   Response to natural disasters, such as a hurricane, has already become immensely more difficult because of COVID-19.

Can you imagine what it will be like for a State to have these three things going on at the same time?  COVID-19, civil unrest, and a hurricane – yes that is the perfect storm!!  I don’t know what the perfect answer is for this exponential storm, but I do know it is coming and we better be prepared. 

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