Posted by Sponsored Post Posted on 2 June 2020

Ray of light in this dark time

While the whole world is shaking from negative news, ranging from the pandemic of the coronavirus COVID-19, to numerous disasters in different areas all around the world, to the stock market crashes and the global crisis in general; a silver lining has emerged among the clouds in sunny Panama, and it will probably affect everyone.

In early April, Panama-based Moneymakers Holding Corporation launched a high-tech online service that allows investors and entrepreneurs from all over the world to co-work without any limits.

Since 2013, the activities of the corporation have included the takeover of companies, financing start-ups and organizations, and with the help of involvement of third-party investments, bootstrapping. Digital scaling of business, which we can observe in this case, is widely practiced.

The use of blockchain technology and artificial intelligence in service developments has made it possible to automate and simplify work processes of the corporation in many ways. But, everything seems to suggest that global scaling is the main goal itself, taking into account the information specified on the service website

It’s worth mentioning that the service also works with electronic payment systems, cryptocurrencies, and it operates on the basis of its own universal MMC token.

This means that the corporation has fundamental plans to expand into the international business and investment markets, both classic and digital. And apparently, now is the best time to implement such projects.

At a time when the traditional economy is passing through tremendous problems, the digital one is booming. Developing projects of this format is quite easy under the circumstances; one can say that it’s like shooting fish in a barrel. And if we take into account that a distribution model was chosen to promote MoneyMaking.AI, we can make  the conclusion that the popularity of its service will grow quite fast, thanks to a constantly growing distribution network and system rewards for the distributors. Perhaps, soon enough, we will see MMC as a cryptocurrency available to everyone. But for now, only one thing is obvious; investing and getting financing will become easier and more accessible all over the world.

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