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9 Tips for Building a Successful Facebook Ad

We will focus on this opportunity only in two formats: Social Ads and Sponsored Stories, or Sponsored Stories. For those who are just starting out, we remind you in a simple way that Social Ads, although they come in various forms, can be seen on the side of our newsfeed, while sponsored stories will appear directly on our newsfeed – with a label that we indicates they are a Sponsored Story. You have to know, however, that they are not the only options we have to work with ads. Without further ado, we show you what we think it takes to create successful Facebook ads so let’s start with following 9 tips for building a successful Facebook Ads.

  1. Clear Objectives, Goals Achieved

Effective Facebook campaigns start with the proposed goals. So be clear about what you want to achieve and with what tools. For example, what audience is the product aimed at, what impression should it make and how long do you want to reach your goal.

  1. Incorporates a Call to Action

While digital marketers can do wonders for just about anything, creating successful Facebook ads starts with writingwith Lemonads. We will not have too much margin to be creative geniuses (due to the limitation of characters) but we can find a way to be as striking as possible. And, of course, end our announcement with a CTA (Call to Action) inviting users to perform a certain action or enter a link. The CTA is one of the most important parts of the Social Ad, although it can also be incorporated into a Sponsored Story.

  1. Respect the Characters

We will not be able to do everything we want when we are working with an ad. This is particularly true with Social Ads, which have very strict limits. With Sponsored Stories, however, we may be making a mistake without realizing it. Like ads, the optimal number of characters in a Sponsored Story is 90. However, since we can sponsor any post we have made (technically “push it”) perhaps we are mistaken in the length of our writing. Good advice is to try to write the Sponsored Story with this limit in mind.

  1. Fewer Words, more Images

The effectiveness in the words is a key point when bidding, since in social networks it is the images that speak best, you can also take help by blog marketing Lemonads. Therefore, you must intermix them with those already known by users. Use something that is familiar to them, such as a meeting between friends who enjoy a product of yours.

  1. Be Brief and Effective

These first two points on how to create successful Facebook ads can be summed up in two words: short and effective. Sure we want to say a lot of things in an ad that will convince our consumers, but we don’t have the space. So the rule applies: we have to optimize the words we are using. In addition to the CTA that has a “hook”, we also have to be effective using a minimum number of words and offering the necessary information, without giving the editorial staff so much flight. In this case, being short of words and offering what you have to know is the most effective.

  1. Perform Effectiveness Tests

How can we know if we are going the right way to create successful Facebook ads if we are not testing? If we want to optimize the performance of our ads, testing is essential. These can be done by running similar announcements with some aspects of the configuration –which we will see within a few lines- changed. What you do is run the same ad with fine details, for example with a photo or with a different CTA, to see which one is working better. This is called A / B Testing, and is one of the critical instances for creating successful Facebook ads. If we want to succeed, then we also have to test.

  1. Optimize your ad Settings

Here we enter a slightly more technical field related to the implementation of Social Ads within Facebook. On the one hand, we have to plan with the behavior of our users in mind. For example, using the big part of the budget during the weekdays, and slowing down during the weekends. On the other hand, you can also configure the segment we want to target, for example, according to geographic location, demographic, “friends of friends”, and more. Finally, you must also assign a daily budget for Facebook to consume.

  1. It only Remains to Take Control

As we said in the previous point, you have to review the strategies and the best way to make decisions about them is by taking control of what happens on Facebook, just as it is done in other fields of digital marketing.

  1. The Potential of a Catalog

If you have a lot to offer, such as in a boutique, and to a great diversity of people, it is illogical to segment into a single market, so Facebook Ads offers an automatic option to convert what is offered into a catalog. Try it; you will see its effectiveness.

Since we have these tips to develop effective Facebook campaigns or for Ads, go put them into practice and enter the world of social media marketing.


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