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Jeffrey Epsteins lawyer believes pedophile did not commit suicide

Jeffrey Epstein did not kill himself because he was preparing a multi-layered legal and media strategy to fight his case, the late pedophile’s lawyer has claimed.
David Schoen, who Epstein asked to lead his legal team in his final days, said he planned to mount legal and factual defenses to the sex trafficking allegations against him.

During a five-hour meeting with Epstein nine days before his death, Schoen said Epstein was ‘upbeat and excited’ and looking forward to clearing his name. But Epstein was in a ‘dangerous situation’ in jail and suggested other prisoners were considering blackmailing him.

They would see him on TV inside the prison and tell Epstein: ‘$70 million mansion, huh?’ Schoen speaks out in a new documentary about Epstein’s death called Who Killed Jeffrey Epstein? The first episode began streaming online on Investigation Discovery on Monday and will be premiered on TV on May 31.


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