Posted by G.S. Luthra Posted on 27 May 2020

Donald Trump: The American Disappointment

by G.S. Luthra

Printing money to please the democrats, beefing up a military that is already the most powerful in the world, and wasting additional resources to create a Space Force when earthly affairs still need to be put in order are just a few irrational actions the president of the United states has done. Recently, he gave a speech on 5/15/20 where he announced his plans of using the military to aggressively deliver the COVID-19 vaccine to Americans in massive quantities quickly even though it has not been proven to be safe or effective. He also boasted about how the US military is the “mightiest” in the world. It is becoming clearer by the day to the American people that the whole political system was a charade from day 1. The fish rots from the head down and the blatant corruption between corporations and the bureaucrats has left many Americans doubting their own government.

The US Economy is on Walking on Thin Ice

Bailing out illegal immigrants is just one of many illogical acts in the 3 trillion-dollar stimulus. America is already drowning in debt with student loans, the housing crisis, and out of control spending so this is only damaging the already gaping wound. Corporations have profited from the Corona situation and are dominating the economy while some industries, like the hotel business, are asking for a government check. Even states now are going to receive money from this new bill, and the Post Office. The government simply does not have the funds to pay for this mess.

Pumping out bill after bill whenever something goes wrong is not the solution, and the so-called business savvy president has been guilty of doing this atrocity before during his presidency. China has not paid any dues for this pandemic while US continues to deplete its finances. This shines a deem light for the American economy. Directly paying $1,200 a month to Americans is laughable at best considering that the average rent in the country for a one bedroom apartment is at least $1,400.

A Threat to Currency

All this printing devalues the US dollar because it is not backed by anything. So, what the president is doing is steering the country in the opposite direction of the gold standard. If this continues, the US dollar can lose its status as the world’s reserve currency. If this happens, it will throw the US back to a depression. The American people have already suffered from rising living costs due to inflation and job loss from COVID-19, so it is imperative to save the economy, but what the president has done has set the country on a course to poverty. Just because the economy gets restarted does not guarantee that everyone will get their jobs back as businesses need to cut their losses.

Universal income has already been suggested by the Silicone Men of Silicon Valley, and this will make the citizens dependent on corporations. The government has made it harder to achieve independence and freedom as millennials are still broke despite working multiple jobs and longer hours while millennials in Norway thrive even if they work at menial jobs. This 3rd world style of living is being observed in the US and Canada, supposedly 1st world nations. Community living with shared bathrooms and kitchens are considered normal. This low quality of life has become more common. People are content with slum living conditions and their ambition has been killed. They no longer dream big, but have come to acceptance and complacency of a lower standard of living. This is the biggest indicator of a poor economy.

Project Vaccinate America

Journalists for mainstream media are, for lack of better word, dumb. None of them asked the president after his speech whether the corona vaccine will be mandatory and what sort of consequences will there be if one refuses to get vaccinated. Will people be banned from going to beaches, restaurants, or parks? Will there be checkpoints at state borders? Are employers and schools going to require employees and students to present a certificate of immunity in order to work or attend school? These are the questions that should have been asked, but of course no one has the chestnuts or coconuts to put the president on the spot. If the government does make the vaccine mandatory, here’s the best piece of advice I can give Americans – GET OUT!

The United States is not the promised land anymore. While it did have its high points in history, it is now on a path to oblivion so it’s time to pack your bags and live elsewhere or at least get off the grid and become independent.

At this point, it’s fair to conclude that Donald Trump is the biggest disappointment of the modern era. Even if he doesn’t win again (which he most likely will to continue doing Israel’s bidding), another lackey will take his place. Michael Savage said America has a phantom constitution. This is true, Americans blindly believe they are protected and have rights when in reality all they were was just a number to serve the hierarchy. The police, who fight for the establishment, not freedom, are now monitoring protesters. The ACLU, the conservatives, republicans, democrats, or any political group for that matter, are not saying anything about it which goes to show you that they were never about the American people. All political parties are only interested in expanding their personal power. They do not care about anything or anyone else whatsoever. Trump said he was going to drain the swamp, but not only is the swamp deeper, the entire country itself has fallen into an abyss where little hope remains. Frauds like Jared Kushner who did deals with George Soros, John Bolton the war monger, and Anthony Fauci the quack doctor, continue to advise Trump, and he has become their chump doing their dirty work whether he realizes it or not.

I gave him a fair chance to prove himself as I have outlined in my book, Donald Trump vs the Globalists, but now a more appropriate title would be Donald Trump AND the Globalists as the president has failed to stop the greedy international goons who are ruling world. To make matters worse, the way he operates indicates he is one of them. It’s a darn shame since the American people gave him a shot, but Trump is nothing but a globalist chump who serves the dark side in creating a new world order.

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