Posted by G.S. Luthra Posted on 18 May 2020

The Corona Agenda and Why Social Isolation May Become the Preferred Choice for Sheeple

by G.S. Luthra

It’s a great time to be in the gaming and entertainment business as many are spending their time watching TV and playing video games. With Final Fantasy 7 Remake selling over 3.5 copies, Amazon pocketing over 20 billion off the closure of businesses, and Bill Gates making a fortune from schools switching to online education, the pandemic seems to be helping the mega giant corporations. And that’s the end game, the powers that be want to squash out small businesses so corporations reign supreme. You can buy ice cream at Walmart, but not from a mom and pop store. The government gives the corporations “essential” status while independent business owners are required to close, that is their version of fair business practice all in the name of safety. Companies see this as an opportunity as COVID-19 works to their advantage so why would they want things back to normal? The longer it goes on the better for the big players. When the economy does eventually reopen, small businesses won’t be able to pay off their debt so the corporations will dominate since they don’t have to pay taxes and have other advantages that the small businesses just don’t access to.


Making People Dependent

Corona is designed to financially handicap the world as people have lost their jobs, and may not get them back as companies could be reluctant in rehiring. This will make people helpless and forced to accept universal income. Virtual reality in the form of remote computer-based work is surging up not just in the professional world, but for education. Some schools and companies may require mandatory webcam/microphone usage if the situation continues, so it’ll easier for the powers that be to spy on everyone since Zoom has already been hacked multiple times before, the latest being a town hall meeting in Toronto.

There is also the possibility that this social isolation has already conditioned people to become accustomed to it. I have already been told by colleagues that they are loving the situation. Even I have to admit it is working to my advantage. However, many lives have been destroyed by this economic disaster and people are unable to pay their rent and other necessities. So when the economy restarts, it won’t be the same because the people are different. It may work for some but the majority is suffering.



The COVID-19 situation is advantageous for the entertainment industry. With people sitting home playing video games all day, it’s perfect for game developers, they’re even recommending it with #StayHomeandPlay. Even when the economy restarts, it will take time and not everyone will want to work anymore so universal income may be happily accepted by some. No job, just sit home and play video games you say? It’s every gamer’s dream come true.

Playstation 5 could not have been announced at a better time. With stunning new graphics, some people will seek refuge in virtual reality to provide a sense of adventure. So people will be content, and that’s what the powers that be want. People have suspected that in the future people will be hooked and plugged into the virtual world, well here it is! As gaming and virtual reality become more interactive, some people will lose the desire to go out into the real world and work for money.

“Scientists” Will Never Find a Cure

What aggravates me is the stupidity seen on various homepages of universities with article posts describing how they are trying to “understand the novel corona virus” with some stupid picture of an academic lackey wearing a lab coat or bio-hazard attire as if they are actually going to discover some breakthrough. They’re not going to solve anything, not one dame thing because they’re part of the ignoramus brigade of science hustlers who preach their version of what is, and if you dare utter a world, they will call you a moron because they are the self proclaimed authority of science and knowledge. These so called institutes of higher learning are only good for one thing, churning out a bunch of BS (Bad Science). They obey what their academic puppeteers tell them to.


Ignore the Hype, Bolster Your Immune System

The sober thing to do is to simply tune out the repetitive rubbish coming out of the mouthpieces that hold political office. They are essentially brain dead people, they cannot think nor reason so they’re a perfect fit for office as they are easily controlled. The fact is, you can strengthen your immune system with vitamin C which has been proven time and time again throughout history to be an effective powerful preventative and treatment against viral pandemics. It is safe, cheap, and available, but the government doesn’t want you to know that. Too bad, let the social media giants censor all they want. People have already woken up to their charade. It’s over for them.

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