Posted by Daniel Ford Posted on 17 May 2020

Technocracy Rules (but it’s not OK)

Technology has allowed for advancement in practically every area of society, and there are many great things it allows us to do. It has opened new doors to possibility, but it also has a very sinister end, which I explore in this chapter. I also look at how the money system and the resulting increasing poverty and ever-growing clear margin between the elite and the rest of the population plays into this technological agenda. Silicon Valley and its associated internet giants are outright military intelligence operations, specifically through the Department of Defense and the NSA, both ultimately controlled by Sabbatian-Frankism from Israel. This simple fact places the technological ‘revolution’ and social media addiction we see now in society into a totally different light. In this article, I will show (some) of the connections between Silicon Valley, military intelligence and ultra-Zionism, which is itself controlled ultimately at its inner core by Sabbatian-Frankism.

I use the term elite Zionist/elite Zionism to distinguish between regular Jewish Zionists and Zionists (not all of them Jewish) in positions of political, corporate, military/Intelligence and organisational power. I will therefore use the term elite Zionist in this article. So, let’s look at these connections. An article in the Financial Times from June 2013 entitled Silicon Valley rooted in backing from US military, written by a journalist based in San Francisco, California, the home of Silicon Valley, details part of the connection between Silicon Valley and the military. I would quote from the text, but the entire article would need quoting. You can find the article online. I thoroughly recommend reading. The article talks about the fact that Silicon Valley has the US Department of Defense, specifically DARPA, to thank for funding, according to Leslie Berlin, historian for the Silicon Valley Archives at Stanford University who is quoted in the article. Elite Zionist DARPA claim credit for creating the Internet, which began as the U.S. Defense Department’s Advanced Research Projects Agency Network (ARPANET). 

Siri, as the article points out, was seed-funded as part of an organisation called SRI International (Stanford Research Institute International), which received funding from DARPA. I’m sure DARPA, an extension of the US military, funded Siri to make people’s lives more convenient and fun. It’s not as if they don’t have anything more important to fund, is it? SRI International was the co-ordinating force behind Siri as part of DARPA’s Project CALO (Cognitive Assistant that Learns and Organises) which was aimed at developing a self-learning AI assistant. CALO was funded by DARPA as part of its Personalised Assistant that Learns (PAL) program. The initials are appropriate because the idea is to get people to think of AI as our ‘pal’ and to merge the human mind with AI, even on the level of interaction and conversation. People believe, because that’s the way it’s marketed, that Siri is an Apple product developed by Apple and originating with Apple. It’s not an Apple product, in terms of its origin; it’s a military project. The article points out that the CIA developed the organisation In-Q-Tel (IQT) in 1999, which is at the centre of Silicon Valley technological development.

Elite Zionist Rick Yannuzzi, In-Q-Tel’s first director of business operations and a former CIA manager, points out that technologies driving the information revolution on the Internet and in other ways now directly relate to the Intelligence arena. In-Q-Tel backed 59 companies at the time of writing of the article, one-third of which are in Silicon Valley (what’s the figure now?). One of these organisations which has gained public attention is Palantir of Silicon Valley asset and elite Zionist Peter Thiel, which has contracts with companies and the US government. Thiel is a member of the Sabbatian-Frankist Bilderberg Group Steering Committee, the Bilderberg Group itself being a satellite organisation of the Sabbatian-Frankist Round Table. Thiel donated $1.25m to Trump’s election campaign and served on his transition team.

This is very much like former Facebook employee and original ‘co-founder’ elite Zionist Chris Hughes, who, after 3 years with Facebook, left to build the internet presence for Obama’s 2008 presidential campaign. Thiel is a co-founder of elite Zionist Palantir Technologies and elite Zionist Founders Fund which, between them, are focused on surveillance, profiling, data tracking and artificial intelligence, as well as much more. Thiel is a director of Facebook and was an original funder. The CIA were due to run a surveillance, profiling and data tracking project called LifeLog, focused on gleaning data on everything in a person’s life, which they ‘killed’ on February 4, 2004. On the same date, Thiel-funded and directed Facebook launched. Another Facebook connection is that venture capital firm Accel donated $12.7m to Facebook in their start-up stage. Former Accel manager and elite Zionist James Breyer is now on the board of Facebook. Breyer was formerly the chairman of the National Venture Capital Association, whose board included elite Zionist Gilman Louie, former chairman of In-Q-Tel.

This is an indirect connection, but worth pointing out. Palantir Technologies won a contract from the US Army (and therefore military) to deploy a complex battlefield intelligence system, according to Army documents, as reported by the Washington Post. The Distributed Common Ground System – Army (or DCGS-A), lets users gather and analyse information about enemy movements, terrain and weather to create detailed maps and reports in real-time. The system is designed to be used by soldiers fighting in remote, harsh environments, as the article details. This is not so surprising given Thiel’s fundamental connections to the US military through Silicon Valley. One of Thiel’s surveillance and data-tracking operations is called Palantir Gotham, and Gotham in occult (hidden) language means Goat-Town or Goat-Home, as in Pan or Baphomet, which are fundamentally connected in the occult and in astrology to Saturn (of which more later). Another military connection to Thiel-funded and directed Facebook is former DARPA director and elite Zionist Regina Duggan, who left DARPA in 2012 to join Google and then moved on to Facebook in 2016. One of her roles during this time was to develop technology that “fluidly blends physical and digital worlds”. This, of course, is referring to virtual-reality technology, which will eventually be run by AI. Virtual reality is a major stepping-stone towards the realisation of the transhuman agenda and the ultimate goal of entrapping perception in a virtual world.

Another Google connection of note is that of the Google Earth technology, which was bought by Google for an undisclosed fee in 2004. The technology began as KeyholeEarth. It started officially as a novel idea by software company IntrinsicGraphics in the late 90’s. IntrinsicGraphics formed Keyhole Inc. to be the official company for the software. In-Q-Tel then spotted the technology, and the CIA through In-Q-Tel, and the National Geospatial Intelligence agency, an organisation connected to the US Department of Defense (just like DARPA), contacted the Keyhole company and infused a massive amount of money into the project. Basically, they now owned the company. Google bought Keyhole and renamed KeyholeEarth to GoogleEarth in 2004. When Google bought Keyhole, they inherited the then In-Q-Tel Director of Technology Assessment and former Facebook Business Product Manager and elite Zionist Rob Painter, whose history includes several senior advisory roles supporting strategic, tactical, and operational objectives within numerous federal government, defense (attack), and law enforcement organizations. He has held leadership roles at defense, security and advanced technology and military contractor companies such as Raytheon-Blackbird Technologies, Northrop-Grumman/TASC, Lockheed-Martin, Harris Corporation, Ohio University and the United States Special Operations Command. All of them elite Zionist and Sabbatian-Frankist controlled.

Google and the Sabbatian-Frankist controlled National Security Agency teamed up in 2010 following a ‘major corporate espionage attack’ on Google originating in China. The partnership was brokered officially to “better defend Google and its users from future attack”. Sources quoted by the Washington Post about the deal said it exists to “share critical information without violating Google’s policies or laws that protect the privacy of Americans’ online communications. The sources said the deal does not mean the NSA will be viewing users’ searches or e-mail accounts or that Google will be sharing proprietary data” and you can trust the NSA when they say they wouldn’t violate privacy using Google as their vehicle. They’re an intelligence agency; why would they? Google is owned (officially) by Sergey Brin and Larry Page, both elite Zionists, who officially own YouTube, officially run by Susan Wojckicki, another elite Zionist. All these people are elite Zionists and psychopaths, who care not for their users (who they use) and care not for their ‘community’ (which is largely divided through ‘their’ anti-social media platforms) and who use their deliberately vaguely-written ‘Community Guidelines’ as Censorship Guidelines.

All these connections are just a glimpse into the small world of Silicon Valley, a concentrated area in North California, from which the surveillance, tracking, profiling, technological control and AI take-over of humanity is centred to a large extent and the US military and Intelligence arena, itself controlled by elite Zionism and thus Sabbatian-Frankism. These are the corporations and organisations behind the censorship of alternative information and opinion, and never more so than now during the Covid-19 plandemic. If they don’t want certain information about the ‘virus’ circulating, it means those charged with protecting our country and our world through politics and military Intelligence don’t want such information circulating, which means we especially need it to circulate, and means they don’t care about their nation’s people but their controllers’ agenda. Oh, by the way, on the subject of the virus, one more famous elite Zionist tech guy I’ve not mentioned whose corporation is centred in Silicon Valley – Bill Gates. It’s a small world, eh?…


This is an extract from my book Paper View: In Print.

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