Posted by Rob Mazak (Staff Author) Posted on 16 May 2020

Dependency on the State

The Novel Coronavirus has changed our lives, now and for the unseen future. People all across the globe have come to a place of revolt, to protest against the governments that are locking them down, forcing many businesses to close, and encroaching on the livelihood of everyone. It certainly does not take any psychic abilities to notice that something about this situation does not make sense, and that this COVID-19 pandemic should be labeled as a “Plandemic”. I do not take credit for that new word, but it certainly makes sense to me that this scenario that we are in make no sense, and appears to be more of a plan and an agenda for tighter control and new imposing laws. Even with two simple pieces of information, you can surmise that this event has been conjured up and that this virus is no worse than other viruses that we have experienced. The first is that the Coronavirus Bill was first introduced in January 2019, yes you heard me correctly, the press made it seem like they rushed the drafting and signing of this bill in just a couple of months. You can find the history of the H.R.748-CARES Act at this link. Secondly, there was a large-scale exercise, called Event 201, based on a global pandemic. This exercise just happened to occur just before the large-scale breakout began in Wuhan China. There are a huge amount of “coincidences” surrounding this pandemic, however, as you should be able to clearly see, this pandemic was expected, if not planned. Nothing about this virus outbreak is truly hidden, and most of the information is in plain sight, if you know where to look.

Now the citizens of this earth are crying foul stating that all of our rights are being taken away, and that the governments of the world are pushing them to become dependent on the state. I do not disagree that this pandemic is slowly chipping away at what we all consider freedom and forcing us to become more dependent on our governments. However, are we truly free, and do we really live outside of government dependency? I would argue that we are very much dependent on our governments and states to provide for us. Most of us may not truly see how dependent we have become, for our basic needs, and on the system that supports our way of life and our survival. Gone are the days when we can truly live off the land, hunt for meat, harvest and eat off the land, and find fresh water free of pollutants. Every time we go to the grocery store, a retail store, or a restaurant, we are purchasing and consuming food and items that have been completely scrutinized, taxed and financed in some way by our governments. Farmers cannot grow our food without the federal assistance required to even make ends meet because of the dumping of chemicals in our atmosphere. School food programs are closely monitored and managed primarily because of the federal subsidies that the schools receive. Retailers that package and process food are under greater scrutiny of the governing bodies in order to maintain the standards acceptable for consumption. We take for granted the fresh water that enters our homes which is strained, filtered and purified to high standards. The electricity in our homes is an advantage that is once again overseen and managed by government agencies; and this is a luxury that we can no longer live without as everything we use in our lives depends on the energy that is generated across thousands of miles of wire. Our cellphones have become our lifeline, our ability to interact with the world in which we live, and our addiction to the instantaneous amount of information at our fingertips. These are just a few examples of things we consume and/or use that are truly available only through the oversight and financing of governments.

There may still be places on this earth where people actually do survive and thrive without intervention from the governments, however, that must be a very small number. And in my opinion, these self-sufficient places and people, will soon be forced into the mainstream society that has a dependency on the governments for their basic needs. Being “free” seems to have a very vague meaning in our world of today; I do not believe we are free at all, and that we only have the perception of freedom. Sure we can certainly make choices, to obey or not to obey, to follow the laws or stand in defiance, however, there are going to be consequences for going against the governmental stronghold. I guess in that way, we have some freedoms, to choose compliance or to choose consequence, but is that really freedom? I know that we can make other choices currently, like what job to have, what type of education we want, where we want to live, who we want to be in a relationship with, and how and where we spend our money. With the overarching and methodical eroding of the basic human rights we do have, these choices are most likely going to become less and less over our lifetimes. Soon there may be a day where everything that we do, what job we have, where we live, and how much money we have, will be decided for us and we will simply become a cog in the machine. I am in no way suggesting that there is no way out of this dilemma, or that there is no hope for the true nature of humans, but I am saying that we are all much more dependent on the state than you can imagine.

There is still a place that is free from dependency – and that is our minds and our thoughts. We may not be able to change or control our external world, but we can control our own minds. If you want change in your external world, you must change your inner world!

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