Posted by Kelvin Frank Posted on 14 May 2020


Many people are disconnected from the idea that we are eternal consciousness , this brief experience through our five senses that we call ‘being human’ has developed a culture of self righteousness and the urge for a materialistic lifestyle.

We are born into a society that fails to question the possibility that there is more to this universe than what our five senses lead us to believe. People are raised so ignorant that they do not 

allow the ideas of different cultures or people’s individual findings alter their perception of the world.

People who offer an alternative perception of reality ,well researched or not, are ridiculed . People ridicule without doing any research of their own. Any alternative opinions are laughed at or predjadisly abused .

The teachings of Christianity , Islam and the other world leading religions claim to be the sole holders of the metaphysical truth . They do not allow their own religious literature to be questioned and they obnoxiously forbid the teachings of other religions to influence their own.

I myself was baptised a Catholic but throughout my questioning of the Cathloic Church I revealed dark truths about the organisation and I now find it impossible to associate that church with all that is devine and right. 

Without going into too much detail with the Catholic Church , I think the protected peadophile ring is enough to associate that church with the church of Lucifer rather than that of a heavenly god figure .

I question Judaism and through the work of David Icke I have been introduced to the evidence that The Old Testament is founded on Sumerian and Egyption accounts, edited and rewritten as required. I don’t think it is even necessary to discuss other main  Religions,because the further I travel down that road the more they all lead me to one place , the Summer Empire and Egypt .

One religion that I have only recently been exposed to is Sikhism , before meeting this special individual I had no previous knowledge of the spiritual teachings of Guru Nanak . Being introduced to Sikhism coincided with my deeper research of David Icke’s work. 

The core beliefs of Sikhism teaches its followers of divine unity and equality for all of humankind . It also spreads the message of striving the justice for the benefit and prosperity of all . They are values that I try to live my life by and I feel that all religions,fact or fictions should spread that key message .

We can only read from historical accounts of what great sacrifices have been made .Nowadays people are more easily manipulated and more willing to sacrifice their own beliefs for the exchange of financial and materialistic gain.

We are informed on a daily basis of politicians or people in powerful positions taking bribes but we are never thought to remember the times sacrifices were made . Two Sikh gurus were tortured and executed by the Mughal rulers after they refused to convert to Islam.

Nowadays the mainstream journalists are forced to report in a certain manner , they report in a manner that may contradict their own personal beliefs but for a pay-check they continue to share the ’1 %’ agenda .

Anyone who compares the ridiculious restrictions that have been made by the worlds authorities on mankind to Nazi Germany have ironically been catagrised as ‘Extreme Right Wing’ . The millions of gullible individuals that believe and rely on every word their television sets them have been imprisoned in their own minds.

To summarize , I hope more people will soon have the ability to question their own perceived reality . Learn to take influence from other cultures and to detach themselves from their five sensed shell in search for a more fulfilling outlook on life.

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