Posted by Sponsored Post Posted on 14 May 2020

Good Health: Your Most Important Investment

Through life we want it all. Our own personal ‘all’ can, of course, differ these days. Whether it be suburbia – the beautifully pristine four bedroom complete with a dazzling driveway, roomy garage and spacious yard. Then there’s the globetrotter – taking on the world, a different continent each month, seeing the earth’s wonders, trying new, sensational cuisines and learning about different cultures. Or even making it as a millionaire – incredible mansions with swimming pools, holidays to Bora Bora and designer everything. No matter your dream, it all means nothing if you are crippled with sickness and chronic pain. That’s why no matter your race, religion, class or education, we must always put our health and wellbeing first.

The Cannabis Craze

For example, medical marijuana is a modern method that alleviates aches, pains, strains and can control the symptoms of serious, incurable or progressive illnesses.  Many states have legalized it use in a medical sense. In Missouri you can apply for a card online by providing some sort of proof of identification, consulting a doctor and then completing some administration. There is a fee for this process and then purchasing the marijuana is fairly pricey depending on your particular needs and dosage. However, such an investment could lead to a life of less pain, strain and anxiety. It is always worth spending your money on treatment and to experiment to see what works best for you and your body. 

Back to Basics 

You just shouldn’t turn your nose up at the oldies but goodies. In order to have good health:

  • Look to your diet – This doesn’t mean completely cutting out every fat, carb or sugar. It’s all about balance. Being healthy and well-rounded with your approach to food doesn’t have to be boring and bland either. Go to an Asian supermarket, a farmer’s fair, or an eco-shop to add spices, stock up on local produce and try new cuisines. Some of it can be expensive but it’s packed with vitamins, minerals and health boosting power that makes it extremely worthwhile. It will also liven up your kitchen and your taste buds.
  • Exercise – Again, this doesn’t mean buying all the latest gym gear and splashing out on premium memberships. Try different walking routes, dance to Zumba on YouTube in your living room or head out to a yoga session. Exercise is also about having fun and releasing stress. Of course, not all means of exercise are cheap but if you find a great workout app, class, gym it will be a solid investment. 
  • Wellbeing – It’s not just our physical health that we need to look after. Our mind needs taking care of too. Perhaps, something is weighing you down and you could do with talking to a therapist, maybe you need a relaxing holiday or you just need to go on a shopping spree, spa retreat or a sports afternoon at the bar. Whatever you need to do to keep yourself positive, happy and stress to a minimum is vital. Life is to be enjoyed, to indulge in and make the most of the little things too. So, whether you spend $5 or $500 with friends and family, if it makes you feel good and boosts your morale it’s all contributing to a toast of good health. 


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