Posted by Richard Willett - Memes and headline comments by David Icke Posted on 13 May 2020

MP Damian Collins joins with other elite enemies of freedom like M&C Saatchi to target those challenging elite ‘virus’ narrative. The web targeting David Icke is MASSIVE and involves Conservative and Labour operatives

C Saatchi is aiming to reframe the sharing of stories and misguided advice about COVID-19 as a health risk in itself through a campaign with Infotagion and Iconic Labs called ‘Find the Truth. Isolate the Lies’.

Misinformation has become a serious issue throughout the crisis – with false claims about links to 5G internet and scepticism about vaccines being spread via platforms including Facebook and WhatsApp, causing greater pressure on the bodies aiming to control the pandemic’s spread.

The campaign – which launches today and can be seen on Instagram and Twitter at @infotagion – will let members of the public check facts by tagging any posts they see that might be dubious with the hashtag #isolatethelies, a free service offered by Infotagion, the fact-checking service set up by Iconic Labs and Damian Collins MP, former chair of the Culture, Media and Sport select committee.

Infotagion is free and managed by the founders of Iconic Labs, who are also leading the direction and distribution of the campaign across traditional and social media. The campaign features bold visuals linking misinformation to an infectious disease of its own. It features lead strapline “Misinformation is also a disease that kills”, as well as messages including “False facts spread fast”, and “Lies are contagious too”.

As more false stories spring up, these will be added to the campaign, whose initial themes they are looking to counteract are of 5G causing COVID-19; ambulances being too busy to response to 999 calls; and the Royal London Hospital stockpiling body bags – all of which are falsehoods.

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