Posted by Kelvin Frank Posted on 11 May 2020

Social Media & Mental Health

Can anyone remember those inconvenient days when we had to physically run around to our friends and show them a picture of what we had for dinner . Does anyone remember the days where we physically told everyone we knew that we were on vacation .

Those days never existed .Then came social media, an online platform that transformed how we communicated with each other  ,altered the manner in which we presented ourselves and it has also reduced many people’s news to bullet point tweets .

It is reported that 39 % of the world’s population are actively using social media . That is 2.89 billion people .I do not question that there is a magnificent benefit from using social media.However I have always wondered if the negatives of social media outweigh the positives.

According to our ‘trustworthy friends’  the World Health Organisation ,approximately 1.54  millions people will die from suicde.( A statistic  that i’m sure will rise with the upcoming recession)

The increasing evidence that social media changes the behaviour of people and changes peoples lives  ,it is in no doubt that there is a link between depression and social media. 

According to Guardchild.Com , 88 % of teenagers have witnessed bullying on social media , while 41% have  been victim to online attacks. Children and young adults have always experienced bullying but before social media it was restricted to schools and other venues of social gatherings.

From ridiculously early ages , young children and even toddlers have been taught how to become reliant on technology . A study made by showed that 10% of parents have admitted to buying their child their first phone at the age of 6 or under . I have personally witnessed babies in their prams being forced to watch cartoons .

Impressionable teenagers are constantly exposed to unrealistic body types. A trend of glamorisation of wealth and the promotion of a materialistic lifestyle has forced many people into having the wrong aspirations in life .

We are in a world where self promotion and the constant crave of attention is the main objective in many people’s lives . This is not restricted to people of young age , attention seeking pervert ‘Naked Martin ‘ has developed an online business of exposing himself. 

We have seen people become famous for setting stupid trends such as   ‘Coronavirus challenge’ ; in this ridiculous outbreak , we witnessed people licking public toilet seats and licking products on shop shelves . The goal in this ‘ challenge’ was not to demonstrate skill but to have a mere 15 seconds of fame.

One must doubt that the reliance of online approval will ever go away but I would suspect the younger generations will be even more reliant on such false gratitude than their predecessors. I  would have hoped that today’s parents would restrict their children to a limited online activity but they themselves have been absorbed into the online culture of self promotion and the urge to tell the world their family affairs .

Social Media is a billion dollar industry , Instagram alone is estimated to be worth 100 billion dollars ,while Facebook is reported to be worth at least 138 billion dollars . We were told that the revenue is generated by advertisements , many people are still unaware that personal data is being sold and Orwellian stalking is being made by social media platforms .

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