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“Metalhead” DARPA Robot Enlisted by Police to Enforce Social Distancing

‘The move toward using robots in law enforcement, private security, and even to scare away the homeless, has been a decade-long trend that is now becoming much more prevalent in everyday life in the wake of COVID-19. Where people were once appalled that drones went from “search and rescue” duties to surveillance, the Overton window has quickly moved to pandemic drones that can use thermal imaging to scan the public’s temperature readings.

The same move toward even more dystopian use of A.I. robots can be seen on the ground as well. “RoboCops” have been launched coast to coast in 16 states. As Aaron Kesel reported:

The robots are able to scan anyone walking on the sidewalks, record license plates, use infrared vision, and one of the scariest uses of this technology is the capability to detect cellphone serial numbers within a designated patrolling area.

Apparently, those uses could seem quaint if we take the latest news from Singapore as a sign of things to come.

A Boston Dynamics/DARPA-funded robot named “Spot” is now being seen in parks barking orders at passersby to maintain their distance.’

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