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Bill Gates: Philanthropist or Monster? Mmmm – hard isn’t it?

Imagine that you want to rule the world. However, your desire is not motivated by the usual psychotic lust for power. Instead, you have convinced yourself that your megalomania is pure. You just want to “save the world.” You see your quest as Messianic. You believe that “the little people” are not visionary enough to comprehend what is best for them and for their planet.
You, on the other hand, have a stunningly clear-sighted plan. The world needs to transition from a chaotic menagerie of countries and governments into a Single Global Entity. Borders should be abolished. Then leaders, who are elected by the whims of the uneducated masses, should be replaced by appointed, unaccountable “experts.”
The sun would rise on a new world of orderliness. Unfortunately, small modifications would have to be made to the common man. They would need to surrender their freedom, their individuality and their ability to sculpt their own unique life.
Regrettably, they would resist such enslavement if it was overt and heavy-handed. Therefore, they must be convinced that it is for their own good. And the most time-tested method of doing this is through the use of fear.
Some dreadful and deadly threat should be created to terrify them. Ideally, this menace should also be invisible. It is far more cost-effective to concoct a hidden enemy, than to finance expensive armies, submarines and missiles.
Once the common folk have been terrified into submission, they should be “modified” to insure that they never attempt to cast off their chains. An ID Chip must be implanted in their body. This device will contain a GPS transponder so that their location will be known to the authorities at all times.
Valuable information will also be stored on the implant. The “managers” will know if the subject has medical problems or a backyard garden or expertise with firearms or non-conformist tendencies. A score will be assigned to each human unit according to how compliant they have been to the wishes of the Global State.
 Mandatory vaccines can also be used to subdue the population. These will be promoted as life-saving cures for various diseases. In some cases, that will actually be true – in order to establish trust in these inoculations.
However, just as every other medication from Big Pharma has side effects, these can also produce outcomes that are tragic … but useful. For example, they might induce submissiveness or decrease testosterone or reduce female egg counts or lead to outright sterility.
To insure maximum control of the regular people, cash would have to be eliminated. Paper money would be replaced by digital currencies, which would allow the technocrats to track every single financial transaction. This would eliminate any underground economy that normal folks could use to circumvent the system or the controllers.
We can’t have people selling their neighbors veggies from their backyard garden or fixing their laptop in exchange for a haircut. And most importantly, it would also let the tyrants “disappear” one’s account if it suited their interests.

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