Posted by Kelvin Frank Posted on 8 May 2020


A coincidence  , by definition ” a remarkable concurrence of events or circumstances without apparent casual connection” . Everyday someone out there experiences a coincidence, some may be even more remarkable than others .

Some people may seek meaning from coincidences , While others simply brush them off as being statistically inevitable possibilities . A coincidence or a connection between certain events in life may only be in the eye of the beholder.

For instance , two old school friends meet for the first time unarranged in a supermarket while abroad.The statistical odds may seem massive and unlikely to happen , but  the odds of meeting anyone you may know anywhere while abroad are greatly improved . 

People naturally  seek meaning for what may seem like a coincidence , the vast majority of time coincidences can be put down as just statistical possibilities and nothing more . However some times in life it does feel like there is a connection between similar incidents and some sort of faith is trying to tell you something or guide you somewhere .

I have of course experienced many coincidences  throughout my life but I have never really seeked meaning from them . None the less two particular incidents are so similar and the more I compare the two the more similarities I find.

I have been in two relationships while living in the United Kingdom and in 2019 I started dating a girl . We were only dating for a small period of time. I had sensed no issues with the relationship and I was not expecting it to end when it did.

Suddenly she ignored me for a couple of days , then I received a text message containing what you would expect to find in the typical break up text . As nasty , cruel and as classless it would seem I accepted it .

The following day to distract myself and to treat myself to a day out .I drove three hours from Shropshire to Newport ( Wales) to see Newport County play Tranmere Rovers . I had not intentionally picked Newport and the only reason I chose  Newport was to see my team Tranmere .Had Tranmere played any other team anywhere else I would have gone to that location instead.

Roll forward the clocks almost a year later , I found myself in another relationship . Once again I had  no reason to believe that this would also prove to be a short term relationship . This relationship seemed to be going fantastic , actually for me it felt that it had the potential to be a long lasting relationship. 

Then came a big slap in the face , history decided to repeat itself and once again ,what seemed like a positive relationship turned into nothing more than a short fling . Once again ignored for a day or two then came an almost replica text message .

Two similar unfortunate situations yes , any more than just a coincidence , probably not . However there is , the following day for only the second time in my life, I found myself in Newport exactly one day after being dumped.

I did not choose to return to Newport and I had never any intention of returning to Newport other than if Tranmere were playing down there . The reason I found myself in Newport was due to work commitments .

I have always questioned the possibility of faith and destiny , sometimes I wonder if your life is already written and you’re just experiencing it like a movie . Are certain situations in life trying to tell you a message ?

By analysing both situations I have been asking myself and searching for many answers that I presumably will never find . Is there a reason for being in  Newport , are my similar failed relationships a sign that I will never be in a lasting relationship .

Life is full of weird and wonderful experiences and sometimes even cruel ones  , as we go through life we are only guaranteed  three things .More questions, taxes and death. 

After continually asking myself the same questions , I have noticed one apparent thing .When I have been involved in relationships I have the tendency to be creative and I began to write. For me to write I need to be inspired by an inside emotion .

With this recent relationship  I had an overwhelming urge to write , the words I wrote never seemed like my own and it almost felt like an inner presence had come over me . This has guided me to write an article for a highly viewed website , I feel that if it was not for my recent breakup I would not have had the ability to write an article of such high standard capable of being published .

To summarize , am I being guided towards a specific task in life and the only way of me reaching that destination is to experience cruel break ups or is everything in life just a numerical possibility .

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