Posted by Richard Willett - Memes and headline comments by David Icke Posted on 6 May 2020

Reversing Covid-19 Financial Armageddon

It would appear, quite lemming-like, that the global economy is galloping headlong towards the cliff edge… exactly as planned by those ‘deep state globalists’ who secretly steer the direction of the world from the shadows!

Now, to the uninformed amongst you, that opening statement must sound like one of those ‘crazy conspiracy theories’ that the British government has just mobilised the military to discredit. Yes, in peacetime, our politicians have unbelievably—and quite treasonously—mobilised the British Army (in the guise of the new and sinister-sounding ‘Influence and Outreach’ 77 Brigade) to stop us, the ordinary people, from searching the Internet to seek out the truth about COVID-19 and what is really happening to allow our economy to be trashed beyond all recognition.

This desperation by the government to win the on-line digital propaganda war, thus preventing what they see as ‘dangerous’ disinformation and misinformation from ever becoming mainstream, clearly shows just how worried they really are. Indeed, to realise this, you’ve only got to see their panic in attempting to prevent people from seeing the apparent connections that exist between Coronavirus and the rapidly increasing roll-out of 5G.

And they should be worried! They are not only defending the completely indefensible as regards the encroaching and invasive microwave surveillance technologies that can actually do great harm to people and wildlife, but they are also protecting the ‘big secret’ involving the banking and financial world which must never be allowed to be widely known and understood by the general public… because if it was, we would know that there was absolutely no reason at all to now endanger and trash the economy and people’s livelihoods.

The bottom line is this—across the completely contrived and divisive political spectrum, our politicians at the highest level are serving and promoting a planned global agenda (called UN Agenda 2030) that’s been drawn up by a network of outright criminals and psychopaths. If you now believe that this article has definitely strayed into the territory of ‘conspiracy theories’, start researching these organisations, where powerful and influential politicians, media moguls, bankers and industrialists all meet in complete secrecy, without any accountability whatsoever to their electorates or shareholders. We’ve got the Committee of 300, the Bilderberg Group, the Trilateral Commission, the Council on Foreign Relations, the Pilgrim Society and the Club of Rome to name but just a few.

These highly secretive and unaccountable transnational ‘think tanks’, with their evasive and system-protecting ‘Chatham House Rules’, exist only to advance an appalling global agenda which, if widely known, would be immediately rejected by the human race as a whole without any hesitation whatsoever!  And if you still have your doubts, then just remember what any good police constable will tell you—always ask ‘cui bono’? (who benefits?) and always follow the money trail… and that is precisely what we’re about to do!

Unfortunately, however, these deep state globalists, by harnessing that age-old strategy of ‘divide and rule’, and by relying on our collective and quite appalling ignorance, apathy and stupidity, not to mention our ability to be easily distracted by completely mindless and meaningless trivia, are winning the information war. Of course, that’s hardly surprising considering they own and control nearly all of the mainstream media, not to mention the likes of Google, Facebook, YouTube and other digital information outlets.

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