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David Icke says Nicola Sturgeon is too ‘moronic’ to grasp truth about Covid-19 (The Herald in Scotland ran this story – then deleted it.) Mummy told you off has she?

The conspiracy theorist David Icke has claimed Scotland’s First Minister Nicola Sturgeon “lacks the brainpower” to understand the coronavirus pandemic is part of a megalomaniacal global elite’s secret plan for world domination.

Earlier today, the former TV presenter and ex-professional footballer was banned from Facebook for “repeatedly violating policies on harmful misinformation”.

Icke has alleged 5G is linked to the Covid-19 outbreak and also suggested the pandemic was engineered to help install a fascist worldgovernment.

In a video released today, Icke said coronavirus tests were a scam.

“Nicola Sturgeon will not have the brainpower to realize that they’re not even testing for Covid-19,” he added.

“I’ve been saying this for weeks and weeks. Doctors have come out and said, actually, we’re not testing for Covid-19, but testing for a genetic material that is in the bodies of many many people.

“That’s why you have so many positive tests.

“Is there anything more symbolic of how ridiculous this situation is worldwide that Nicola Sturgeon – who is moronic and dictatorially moronic – is actually dictating to the entire people of Scotland over what they can and cannot do

“Hey Scotland! I thought you were bloody independent? What are you doing allowing this one single moronic person to dictate your lives in fine detail?”

He added: “Hello? How long are you going to allow this woman to tell you what you and your children and your families and what you can do with your lives?

“Is there any self-respect?”

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