Posted by Rob Mazak (Staff Author) Posted on 1 May 2020

Something from Nothing

Can you imagine what nothing would be like? What if there truly was nothing? How would you define nothing? It seems easier for us to define our current reality, this world that appears to be solid as real as anyone can imagine. What then would nothing be like? Maybe nothing would feel like sleeping where we are totally unconscious to the world around us or maybe nothing would feel like those times when we are anesthetized for surgery. It almost seems the feeling of nothing is the separation or the turning off of the conscious mind, where our subconscious mind takes over. However, I digress, let us see if we can wrap our minds around some definitions first.

Definitions of something
• An undetermined or unspecified thing.
• An unspecified or undetermined amount.
• One having some or many of the same attributes, character, or essence as another.
• A remarkable or important thing or person.
• One who falls into a specified age range. Often used in combination.
• Of, relating to, or being a member of a specified age range. Often used in combination.
• A little; somewhat.

Definitions of nothing
• No thing; not anything.
• No part; no portion.
• One of no consequence, significance, or interest.
• Something that has no existence.
• Something that has no quantitative value; zero.
• One that has no substance or importance; a nonentity.
• Insignificant or worthless.
• In no way or degree; not at all.

Once again, it appears to be much easier to define “something” because we all feel that what we experience is real and solid. The science of quantum physics has shown evidence that what we think is solid, is entirely just possibilities. We have always been taught that the atom was the building block of our existence, which is a solid entity itself. The advent of quantum physics has proven that the atoms are about 95% empty space, and that the atom which is our building block of our reality, is simply filled with possibilities. I will not get deep into the science of this line of thinking, however, if we are primarily nothing but empty space, how do we feel so solid and real? A good question that is hard to answer, however, I believe that this is simply a point of attention, or perception that has persisted and has become what we accept as our reality. The quantum physicist will also tell you that this reality is only one of an endless number of other realities, dimensions, universes, multiverses, and parallel universes to name a few. But where did all this start? If there is plenty of “somethings”, they must have started somewhere and by something.

I think we can all agree that something cannot simply come from nothing; in order to create of have something, you must have something do that. If our reality, and others that may exist, were created in some way, who or what created that? And who created them? This simple argument might suggest then that there has always been something, or someone, that has always been, otherwise how could we now exist? We are then back to defining nothing; do we really have a solid definition of what nothing really is? We all know what the number zero is, and for most of us that would represent nothing, however, I would argue that zero is actually something. I am sure that you would agree that the representation of the number zero, in digit form, analog form, spoken form or thought form would still represent an idea of something. Even in simple math, we have negative numbers, so are these numbers simply less of nothing? I think not. Even when you study all the theories of other realities, dimensions, universes, multiverses, and parallel universes, you will see that all the data shows that all of these started with something. However, when you ask these quantum physicists what happened before this beginning, no one seems to have an answer.

I believe that we have always been and we will always be, and that we did not come from nothing.

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