Posted by STEPHEN MCMURRAY Posted on 30 April 2020

The Great Awakening Has Begun

There are lots of things to mourn for over the last few weeks. The death of liberty, freedom of speech, political debate, common sense, scientific integrity, any chance of communities ever trusting the police again, and, of course all those people that have died. Those that have died of cholera, those have died of malaria, those that have died of starvation, those that have died of reactions to pharmaceutical drugs, those that have died in wars, those pensioners that have died of not being able to afford to heat their homes during winter.

We also have to mourn those that died due to the epidemic. Those pensioners that were DNR’d to death. Those that have died at home because they didn’t want to burden an ‘overworked’ NHS or those that were refused treatment because they didn’t have a newsworthy illness like covid 19. Then there are those people with mental health issues who have committed suicide due to being put under house arrest. In this time of crisis, we must also mourn those yet to die due to the complete and deliberate destruction of the economy.

Of course, we should also mourn those that died due to the corona virus. But, of course, we can’t do that because we don’t know who they are due to the inaccuracy, manipulation and exaggeration of the figures. Some we will even have to mourn for twice because officially they may have died twice – once form their serious, underlying condition and once from the virus in the Alice-in-Wonderland world of covid 19 statistics. Then there are some people we can’t mourn for at all because we are not allowed to attend their funerals.

In fact, it may appear we are witnessing the death of humanity itself – not in the physical sense due to a virus but in a metaphorical sense due to the death of morality and compassion in those that have cast us into this Orwellian nightmare.

Then there is the death of family trips to the cinema, of children’s laughter in the park, of a grandmother’s hug, of a handshake in the street. I myself will particularly mourn the death of dystopian sci-fi movies.  How could they ever make another one when real life is worse. If you ever had a sci-fi movie were a tyrannical police force were kicking down your door to see if you were having a party, threatening to arrest you for sunbathing in your garden, or warning you they will be searching your shopping trolleys to see if your purchases were essential, it would be dismissed as too far-fetched.

But the demise of other things we should celebrate. The imminent death of the mainstream press for a start. Their hysterical exaggeration of the situation is so preposterous they will never be taken seriously again. Their rabid calls for more draconian measures would be more at home in North Korea except Kim Jong-Un probably wouldn’t let them in because their extremism.

The long overdue death of the BBC propaganda machine will be welcomed by many. Their slow demise is as now as inevitable as the government’s inevitable claim in a few week’s time that their lockdown measures slowed down the virus in complete contradiction of the actual evidence.

The death of the reputation of the Imperial college of London, such as it was, will be now be as certain as night following day. The death of one of Bill Gates many plaything’s will be much celebrated.

But let’s not dwell on death. Let’s celebrate birth.

The birth of millions of people’s consciousness that have just been awakened to the fact that the world is not what they believed it be. All those people that thought their rulers would ever take away all their freedoms and put them under house arrest believing it was only terrible communist countries that did such things will have been re-born with their eyes wide open and a new found faculty for not believing everything they are told.

This is akin to a new 911 moment. That event traumatised the world but, when the terror subsided, and people started to question the official narrative. The story they told was so patently ludicrous it was as if a door opened up in the minds of millions. For many, it was the beginning a great awakening. I feel this is a similar, only much more profound event.  Almost everyone has now felt the hand of tyranny that they never even knew existed, tightened around them.  We’ve all been living in a prison without bars for a long time but now we can see the bars. What was once covert is now overt. And overt oppression is much easier to see, understand and challenge.

So, instead of being anxious and depressed, be positive. History will judge this moment as one that changed the world. However, it won’t be into the Orwellian nightmare that those elite globalists have long planned but for. It will be a change for the better because now their plan is obvious to everyone.

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