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What Are The Motives Behind The COVID-19 Hysteria?

‘A recent Stanford University study confirms what we have already been told about the seriousness of the 2020 coronavirus disease (COVID-19). The study concluded that the virus is much more widespread and that a very high proportion of the population is infected with the virus. Nevertheless, most of the people who have it either develop “mild, flu-like symptoms” and recover, or they have no symptoms at all.

The study also concluded that the death rate of COVID-19 is even lower than previously thought, “an infection fatality rate of 0.12-0.2%.”

So in other words, COVID-19 is very much like the regular seasonal influenza, which is also contagious.

In most flu seasons tens of thousands of people die in the U.S. each year of the flu. The 2017-2018 flu season was especially severe and killed some 80,000 people. Hospital emergency rooms had “standing-room only” and many flu patients had to be treated in the hallways, according to Time.

But during all these flu seasons we haven’t had to do “social distancing,” wear face masks or close down businesses and shut down the economy and impose a flu-related Soviet police state like we are getting with COVID-19 hysteria.

The effect that COVID propaganda and fear-mongering has on the masses is tremendous. The news media do not mention that most of the people who die from COVID-19 are elderly and not just elderly but those with preexisting conditions and weakened immune systems.

For some perspective, according to Morningstar, as of 2012 65% of people in a nursing home die within one year of entering the nursing home, and five months was the typical length of stay in a nursing home for those who died in a nursing home.

Some officials are calling for widespread testing for COVID-19. But regarding the testing, there have been false positives because the testing was flawed and there have been false negatives. And in some cases test kits had been contaminated with COVID-19!

And to complicate matters, a 2012 study which suggests that COVID-19 could be a virus that affects people more in conjunction with other cold or flu viruses and that it may not be clear which virus is causing which symptoms or no symptoms.

What facts now can we trust are valid?

Are the officials exaggerating the numbers of deaths? Trump’s coronavirus bureaucrat Deborah Birx has admitted, proudly, that if a patient has an underlying serious illness and dies from that illness but happened to test positive for COVID-19 virus, they will count that as a “COVID-19 death.” Recent changes in the CDC’s coding system allows hospitals to list the cause of death as COVID-19 anyway.

Further, officials are counting as COVID-19 deaths those people who were “presumed” to have had COVID-19 even though they “had never tested positive for the virus,” according to the New York Times. Huh? Seriously?’

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