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Covid-19: How to Protect Information During Pandemic?

Today, the COVID-19 virus is raging around the world and spreading at great speed. Many companies move their employees to remote work, but there is one small nuance. It is the security of the company’s data. Security professionals do their best to support employees and secure sensitive data. But what if you don’t have a big organization, how do you secure your data at the times when hackers become more impudent? The answer to this question is simple enough – install a reliable antivirus. But what antivirus to choose and why to consider McAfee LiveSafe review while choosing the solution? Let’s figure it out.

A+ Antiviruses 

Most antivirus vendors provide software options or end-to-end security solutions for testing. Several developers on the market offer inexpensive antivirus programs with a high degree of protection and some other useful functions.

McAfee LiveSafe

It is strange, but it is not the most popular option among users. Yet, McAfee LiveSafe can make a serious competition to leaders. It copes with most modern threats easily. The version offers a scheduler with a calendar – so you can choose the day for comfortable scanning. There is a quarantine module (storage of files representing potential danger), a module of various reports, as well as a database that has more than half a million virus programs.

The key features are:

  • Comprehensive protection against Trojans;
  • Usability;
  • Possibility of blocking suspicious sites;
  • Low resources consumption;
  • Compatibility with previous versions of Windows.

That is, McAfee LiveSafe is the best option for home use because it has little impact on system speed while providing full protection. It is also extremely convenient that this antivirus is capable of operating in “invisible” mode, notifying the user of his activity using a pop-up window. The interface of the program is quite logical and convenient for those who begin to get acquainted with computers and antivirus software. Another big advantage of McAfee LiveSafe is that it can be used for unlimited devices.

ESET Internet Security

Most likely, of all the antiviruses we know, this one is the most famous. ESET is a complex of modules that protect your PC from multiple threats. Trojan programs, phishing, spam – ESET can find and defuse all these dangers. Developers have created a product, providing it with strict verification criteria – antivirus deals with all suspicious files without even notifying the user. It is extremely effective, even though some specialists are ready to make several claims to developers.

The key features are as follows:

  • Full protection against any threats;
  • Effective firewall;
  • Fast exploits detection;
  • Anti-Theft feature;
  • Recovery Disk creation;
  • Minimizing false positives;
  • Trial for a month.

The developer took care of numerous users with portable workstations or laptops. For them, you can select settings that reduce energy consumption – so you can ensure long-term continuous operation of the device. You can adjust the masses of parameters – all items can be selected quickly enough, saving them in a separate profile.

Bottom Line

The information above will help to ensure a decent level of protection against hackers who want to speculate on people’s anxiety during the COVID-12 pandemic. 

When writing about these two antivirus solutions, we used not only personal preferences. We considered the objective results of the third-party lab tests (Virus Bulletin, AV-test, AV-comparatives). Their opinion is authoritative among most specialists. 

Readers with insufficient experience and knowledge should consider that more than one antivirus program cannot be installed on the device – it can cause apps conflict (except for Windows Defender).

All in all, you have to consider that a good antivirus includes a firewall and anti-malware module to ensure the top-notch security level for your devices.


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