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Sweden records just 40 new ‘coronavirus deaths’ and less than 400 ‘fresh cases’

Sweden recorded just 40 new coronavirus deaths and 392 new cases today as the country continues to resist going into lockdown.  Like other countries, Sweden has typically seen a fall in reported cases on Sundays and Mondays followed by a surge when the weekend is fully accounted for.

The jump of 392 new cases is the smallest since April 12 – a Sunday – and takes Sweden’s total infection count from 14,385 to 14,777.  The 40 new deaths bring the death toll from 1,540 to 1,580, meaning that 10.7 per cent of confirmed virus patients have died of the disease.

The true figures from the weekend are likely to be higher because of delays in recording cases and deaths. Since the start of March, the average Sunday in Sweden has seen a drop of 41 new cases compared to Saturday, with a further fall of 38 on Monday.

However, the figure has typically risen by 28 on Tuesday and 66 on Wednesday as the numbers are brought up to date. Similarly, the Easter weekend saw only 17 new cases reported on Saturday with 12 on Easter Sunday and 13 on Easter Monday, a total of 49.

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