Posted by Richard Willett - Memes and headline comments by David Icke Posted on 21 April 2020

Still more confirmation that hospitals are near-empty and the media ‘war-zone’ claims are insane – or rather a pack of bloody lies. The media must be held to account for this in permanent boycotts

“London hospital.
Half empty. Some wards have less than a handful of patients, some wards are closed. Most staff have been moved to wards so are falling over selves. While their regular work goes undone.
A&E very quiet. I’ve sent patients there who are seen immediately. The heart attacks, strokes and appendicitis cases are presenting too late. People with covid are waiting too long to present. If you get breathless then for goodness sake come in. I’m so cross at the initial advice to stay home until struggling. Had a look through covid ward lists and vast majority patients are aged over 70. Hardly any patients under 60, those who are have underlying health problems for the most part. Lots more men than women affected. It’s just a snapshot but echoed by colleagues in other hospitals.

I think we can / should start to move back to normal life soon for the well young people among us. I fear for the short and longer term economic hit. It’s crazy to have all these young well people furloughed or made redundant.”

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