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Queen’s Brian May went into coronavirus lockdown before anyone else: ‘I saw it coming’

Queen’s Brian May put himself into lockdown before anyone else, after he saw the coronavirus pandemic coming. Thanks for the heads up, mate! It seems the musician beat Boris Johnson to the mark, who recently told the Brits they should not leave their homes unless it’s completely necessary to do so, with the hope of stalling the spread of Covid-19. And during appearance on Good Morning Britain, Brian told Lorraine Kelly that he’s been in quarantine for longer than everyone else. ‘I am a depressive,’ he explained: ‘But it’s something you deal with every day and it is very hard for so many people – we’re all isolated and it feels strange.’ The guitarist added: ‘I feel like a caged animal sometimes – I was in lockdown before anyone else, cause I could see it coming, but I have my guitar!’

Talking about social distancing, the star then went onto say how there must be a way people can use public parks without transmitting the virus to one an other. ‘The parks are our lungs,’ he gushed before suggesting a number of terms the government could impliment in order for people to use the spaces. Brian was on the show to promote his new single, Get Up, which he dropped today alongside the former X Factor star Talia Dean. He said: ‘It’s a very elementary thing, when I first heard the song I thought it would lift people up.’

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