Posted by Rob Mazak (Staff Author) Posted on 14 April 2020

Is There a Price for the Truth?

The truth is what most people think they are looking for, however, when the truth is actually manifested, they tend to shrink away from this realization. Can you imagine what this world would be like, if everyone of us spoke the truth every day, about everything? There is a certain balance that comes from discernment and life experience, which gives us intuition to guide us through what we should or should not say to others. Imagine again if we spoke every thought that entered our minds; relationships between us humans would suffer greatly. There is then, a certain downgrading of truth that is necessary for us to survive and thrive on this human journey. On the other hand, there is a great problem with hidden or covert truths, the omission of certain parts of the truth, and outright lying to support an agenda; truth, or lack of the truth, can greatly affect the lives of those who are exposed to this type of agenda. I can understand that some people are disseminating facts that they truly believe are true, and probably have very good intentions; this type of “truth” spreading is largely based on ignorance or inaccurate research.

So, if someone is communicating facts that they think are true, are they lying? Technically they would feel like they are telling the truth and feel very justified to put out this information. But what if someone disseminates untruthful information for a designated purpose, wouldn’t that be considered lying? Most of would agree that lying on purpose is wrong and unethical, however, this happens very often in our world today. We are all so connected in this internet of things, that there is a lot of information overflow, an abundance of communication about everything. How do we decide what is true and what is not true? How do we discern if the information from the media or social networks is accurate or just plain lies based on an agenda? Herein lies the problem we have today – what information is relevant and factual, and what information is rubbish? You must realize that just because everyone believes a lie, it does not mean that is the truth. I imagine that this type of dilemma has been going on since humans have existed, however, it is more important today to understand what is being fed to us as accurate information. It becomes very difficult to formulate a belief in the information flowing across the internet when this information is reported to be backed by facts and witnesses. To be fair to yourself, researching everything, getting more than one viewpoint and data will be a more effective way to formulate the beliefs that you entertain. I personally research everything I am being told, to ensure that I am getting all sides of the story, getting all the facts, and all the opinions of others on the subject; in this way, I will not fall for everything I see on the internet and other sources.

I find it interesting that most people who spend their lives uncovering the truth and voicing their results, only seem like a slight bother to those who are in power. It is only when a large part of the population begins to take notice, react and do something about the uncovered truths, that these leaders become concerned. I have personally been researching alternate news, commonly referred to as conspiracy theories, soon after the 911 attacks in 2001. My search for the truths started due to a story relayed to me by a Special Operations member. This person relayed to me that he and his partner were on a rooftop in Iraq, where they had Osama Bin Laden in the sights of their weapons. When they requested permission to fire, they were denied this permission. This caused me to really look at why this would be allowed, or not allowed to happen in this case. As you can imagine, I began to find much more to the story than was being communicated through normal channels. It seems that high level agencies have tolerated all those “conspiracy” organizations that are putting out alternate information as compared to the main stream media, until this Coronavirus event began this year.

I have been an avid researcher of the alternate news and have recently noticed that many of the more visible alternative news people are being pursued by oversight agencies. David Icke is one of those people who has been in the limelight of alternate news and in my opinion, spot on with his information. David recently did two high visibility interviews that captured the attention of the world and now “they” seem to be going after him for discussing the current agenda. Now this is not necessarily a recent or new agenda, and if you look back at all the years that David has been talking about our current situation, you will find that it is not new at all. All those years of discussing the agenda that is unfolding now, has not raised too many eyebrows, because there was not a huge uprising in relation to this information. Now that his 30 plus years of research and information has come to fruition, and people are now paying attention and doing something about it and high level agencies are now greatly concerned. There are other major alternative news personalities that are also being hounded by high level agencies as well, because they too are hitting the mark on what is unfolding today.

Is there a price to pay for spreading the truth? When you are not aligned with the “normal” information being disseminated, you are considered an anomaly and a risk to mainline ideas that most people believe to be the truth. Something strange happened as I was listening to one of David’s earlier seminars. When I paused the track to attend to something else, it stopped at 1:46 at exactly 1:46 pm. I am no stranger to getting synchronistic messages, so I began to do some research with these number combinations. What I was led to was the story in the bible about when Jesus was brought before Hero and Pontius Pilate. In this story, the people wanted Jesus prosecuted for his works and teachings, and strangely enough, neither of these leaders could find any wrong doing, it was the people who wanted something done. I am not in any way bringing religion into this story, what I am doing is forming a correlation in reference to what is going on. Noted in this story is that Jesus was considered the anomaly and a risk to the mainstream religious law and practices of the time and region. The leaders did not give much mind to this one man because it did not cause a large part of the population to be concerned. Now that the people were all stirred up and paying attention now, the leaders felt like they had to do something about it; most of us know how the story continues. However, the point of this synchronistic message seems to be that there is certainly a price to pay for being a truther, someone who stands out from the crowd and waves that flag of non-compliance. All through history there is always someone, or a group, who stands against the mainstream agenda, and creates great and wonderful changes for our lives and this world in which we live in. Let’s face it, if we walk down the same path that everyone else is walking on, then we will end up where everyone else does. The only way to make changes, it to be that change, raise your voice, and bring attention to things that are not in alignment with the true purpose of humanity. But yes, there will certainly be adversity with going down this new path and raising awareness, but if no one stands up to the ruling machine, it continues to roll and rule our lives in great detail and scrutiny.

I truly applaud those that step out and raise the flag to fight for mankind and our true purpose.

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