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Soviet era study in 1974 revealed affect on viruses and microbes of ‘millimeter waves’ (5G as it became) and on diminishing reproduction – ‘they’ know exactly what they are doing as I have exposed for 30 years

Please note the exposure times mentioned – like 15-60 minutes. How do think 24/7 radiation of 5G will affect humans and all life on earth?

‘In the experiments in which insects (Drosophila) were irradiated, we studied the influence of millimeter waves on the survival rates of the irradiated individuals, their ability to reproduce, and the influence of such irradiation on their offspring in the first and second generations. Irradiation (for 15-60 min) of adult male and female Drosophila individuals was not lethal; they showed no externally evident changes, and breeding of such insects generally produced normal offspring. However, the offspring were fewer in number, and the fertility of the insects depended on the wavelength of the radiation to which they had been exposed (Fig. 1) and on the exposure time (Fig. 2).
Prolonged exposure to millimeter waves (for 3,4, and 5 hours) resulted in significant changes in the first and second generations of Drosophila. Male individuals obtained from irradiated parents in the second generation were characterized by lower than normal viability; many perished 3-6 days after crossing. In most cases, female individuals laid no eggs. Mutants seldom appeared in the first generation; most of them were observed in the second generation after prolonged exposure to radiation at 6.5 mm. Thus, genetic changes were observed after exposure to millimeter waves in the insect experiments, and were manifested in lowered fertility and viability of the offspring. The observed changes apparently took place in reproductive cells, since the offspring inherited them. Individual genes obviously exhibited definite sensitivity to millimeter waves; this was indicated by multiple occurrences of the mutations in the offspring of the irradiated Drosophila.’
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