Posted by Rob Mazak (Staff Author) Posted on 8 April 2020

What’s the Next Play?

The Coronavirus pandemic is growing quite exponentially and there will likely be many new programs and mandates established because of this virus. At this point, it really doesn’t matter if this is a conspiracy or an actual viral event. This pandemic will certainly change our lives forever, much like other major events have done. If you look at some of these disasters, such as the 911 attacks, Pearl Harbor, or Oklahoma Federal Building attack, you will find that many drastic changes affecting our lives are still in place. Just because the events are over, does not mean that the changes created because of the event are going to be rescinded. All the major changes that have been mandated following these events are simply added to existing mandates and not removed over time.

After this epidemic started to expand, I began to get visions of some of the changes that may manifest as a result of this event. As a psychic, I get very detailed and interesting foresight on events, but not always because I am seeking this information. However, I have been seeing many things that may come to fruition in the very near future. I feel like many agencies will begin to take advantage of this event to produce new guidelines, laws and mandates. What would happen if scientists start to analyze the effects and presence of the Coronavirus in our water system? I saw this coming as the first major public utility system to be scrutinized in reference to the Coronavirus. On April 3rd an article was posted that discussed the viability of our current water filtering system to actually filter out the Coronavirus. There is a quote within this article that gives and indication that there may be more attention given to the environmental effects of the Coronavirus. “The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic highlights the urgent need for a careful evaluation of the fate and control of this contagious virus in the environment,…”. The entire story can be found at this link. I imagine that this type of investigation will morph into the requirement for all public water utilities to upgrade or add special filtering systems. This will in turn bleed over to the creation of special filtering systems for home owners and commercial businesses, which will require new companies to manufacture, market and sell these systems.

This will likely not end at the need for our water to be filtered; it may continue into special filtering for air quality. Manufacturing plants and other large commodity companies would then have to purchase and install special filters for their work spaces and for their emissions. Residential and commercial buildings would then be required, in time, to purchase and install special Coronavirus filters. Environmental guidance, laws and mandates will probably be created and enforced to regulate water and air quality for the Coronavirus. I also envision that the Coronavirus event will be used to propose damaging effects with our electrical and internet systems. Censoring on social media platforms has already begun although people have already figured out how to get around some of this censoring. Those agencies that want to continue to censor information will then need to figure out another way to mitigate this agenda; why not take advantage of this pandemic to shut down or minimize the internet accessibility? Would the public believe and go along with the premise that this virus can infect us through our internet and our electrical grid? This idea could certainly create a whole host of new programs, equipment, laws and mandates. Those of us that were around for the Y2K event can certainly remember the great lengths, upgrades and expenses that went into the new computer requirements proceeding, and following, the first day of the year 2000.

There will probably be much more governmental oversight being entertained as this pandemic continues to evolve. I certainly cannot say with complete certainty that these types of events will manifest, however, if you review the history of other major events, you will find a great similarity. I suggest that you don’t take my story as fact and do your own research in order to formulate your own opinion. We have all heard the phrase that history repeats itself, and in my lifetime, this has certainly rung true; you will likely find the same as you begin to dig into your research on this topic.

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