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5G and oxygen – what the moronic media isn’t telling you (along with everything else)

Individuals need to take full responsibility for their health and safeguard loved ones

I transcribed the opening of this video for you to know what 60 GHz does to the human body.

Dana Ashley narrates [the following in not word for word]

The impacts of 60 gigahertz [GHz] are not widely published but here’s what I can tell you, and it’s a part, ironically, from promotional material of the big telecom companies themselves. It reads “60 GHz has a very distinct impact on none other than oxygen itself.”

Yes, there are articles released by companies touting the benefits of 60 GHz. They openly admit that 60 GHz is absorbable by oxygen.

You can see in this graph here its impact on oxygen.

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The Trigger

New York doctor – it’s NOT ‘COVID-19’ – people are dying through lack of oxygen (5G STOPS PEOPLE ABSORBING OXYGEN)


Here’s a personal experience that one visitor sent to us

Anyway walking around I began to realise there are strange electric-type fields that you can feel in some parts of the path I’m on though the woods. After I’ve felt this electrical type feeling, tingling fingers, tingling spine a few times I realise everytime I feel it I’m in line of sight of a streetlamp with the 5G round thing on top of each one.

I phone my friend and tell him – walking in and out of the field and feeling it’s strange effect. I can even go behind a large tree and it cuts down – it is definitely coming from the streetlamp I can see.

Head off to the woods more and it goes away. After like 4 times i’m actually getting used to the strange sensation it makes.

Walking up a hill I feel it again though quite a bit stronger. I look but cannot see any streetlamps. I finally get to the top of the long slope I’m walking up and see the inevitable streetlamp just 100 feet from me. It’s clear that being in line of sight of this light produces very peculiar feelings.

Then something happened, like I’d sort of been grabbed by the throat by an invisible hand. I coughed and was startled to find I could breathe! Instantaneous shortness of breath.

Immediately I realised this was the weapon. The 5G weapon. The shortness of breath was very quick and very strong. I’m basically fit and strong and get away from it quickly. Very quickly died away when I hid behind some trees.

The streetlights are clearly weapons, and they simulate the effects of being ill and running out of breath in a very strange way. Luckily I was recording an audio at the time and have the recording.

This is deadly serious and I what I felt I regard as proof. The system is deadly – you can feel it. It’s breathtaking in its power (no pun). If it were much stronger I could have been in trouble.

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