Posted by Stephen Lendman Posted on 5 April 2020

Global Belligerent US to Escalate Direct and/or Proxy Wars?

US rage for global dominance by whatever it takes to achieve its objectives represents an unparalleled threat to humanity’s survival.

Washington’s criminal class is bipartisan, both wings of its war party as bloodthirsty as the other.

COVID-19’s threat to humanity is minor by comparison. The US and its imperial partners in high crimes threaten everyone everywhere. 

With the US public fixated on COVID-19, what better time than to escalate more belligerence when few are paying attention.

Trump regime hardliners threaten escalated war against Popular Mobilization Units in Iraq connected to the country’s military — on the phony pretext of an Iranian threat that doesn’t exist.

Congenital liar Trump heightened regional tensions further by turning reality on its head, falsley claiming Iran intends a “sneak attack” on US forces in Iraq — a bald-faced Big Lie like most everything he says.

Most all politicians lie. Trump exceeds Star Trek, going where no previous US president went before.

It’s simple to know when he’s lying. Read his lips, a figure never to be believed or trusted, an unparalleled menace to world peace, stability, and governance the way it should be.

Iran is at peace with its neighbors. Its ruling authorities seek cooperative relations with other countries, conflict with none — polar opposite how the US, NATO and Israel operate.

On Friday, Southfront and AMN News reported that Turkish forces preemptively attacked Syrian troops in northern Aleppo province and Saraqib, acts of aggression.

Once again, Erdogan proved he’s as duplicitous as Trump — breaching what he and Putin agreed on.

Southfront said Turkish belligerence was the second time time it happened in the past three days, adding:

Turkish forces continue “their military buildup in the Idlib (province) deescalation zone.” Turkish and US forces occupy Syrian territory illegally.

The Trump and Erdogan regimes support ISIS, al-Nusra, and likeminded terrorist groups, using them as proxies to advance their imperial aims.

Syrian forces also clashed with al-Nusra jihadists in southwest Idlib. Ceasefire agreed on by Putin and Erdogan last month is null and void like all previous times it was declared.

Syrian liberation depends on eliminating US/NATO/Turkish/Israeli/Saudi supported jihadists in the country on the battlefield.

Diplomacy is futile because bipartisan US hardliners reject conflict resolution.

Restoring full control of Syrian territory also requires ending illegal US/Turkish occupation — their presence hostile to the country’s sovereignty, territorial integrity, and security of its people.

As long as foreign occupation continues, Syrians will not be free. Their liberating struggle has miles to go.

Separately, the Trump regime belligerently sent warships to patrol near Venezuelan waters on the phony pretext of indicting illicit drugs from the Bolivarian Republic that don’t exit. 

The CIA, in cahoots with organized crime and money laundering Wall Street banks, notoriously profit from the illicit trade.

Does the Trump regime plan war on Venezuela and/or Iran?

It’s highly unlikely but with lunatics running the US asylum, anything is possible.

According to Venezuela’s Defense Ministry, its Naiguata patrol boat ordered a Portuguese vessel, illegally in Venezuelan waters, to accompany it to port.

Instead, the vessel rammed the Venezuelan boat, sinking it.

President Maduro believes the Portuguese ship was transporting anti-Bolivarian mercenaries, adding: 

“Someone from the north called,” telling Dutch authorities in Curacao’s port of Willemstad where the ship was moored not to permit an inspection.

Was the Trump regime behind the incident? Was it prelude to something more serious?

Dominant US hardliners on both sides of the aisle operate solely by their own rules.

The universally recognized rule of law is no obstacle because they repeatedly ignore it unaccountably.

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