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Writing an essay can be tricky at times for students, whether it’s a class assignment, a contest or even writing for a scholarship it can get quite overwhelming for an individual. Although there are several free essay samples available on the internet, one should first try to write it on their own and if at some point they get stuck there is no problem in seeking external help. In this article, we are going to explain 5 basic steps to write a perfect essay.

  1. Select a topic: If a student is not assigned to a topic already the first thing they need to do is choose one. A person should select the topic they are interested in talking about. They should think about their lives, something that interests them. Once the topic is decided, students should immediately start their research and jot down the important points, whatever the mission of the essay is, remember, your topic should be attention-grabbing. 
  2. Outline: To write a remarkable essay, students must organize their thoughts, they should write on a paper whatever is going in their heads concerning the topic. By putting it on a paper one will be able to see the direction they are going in. Write the topic on the top of the page and jot down all the main points, doing this will allow an individual to see the connections and will help them to write a proper essay. 
  3. Body: This explains the topic, it clarifies the argument and describes them in detail which eventually helps the readers to have a better understanding of your essay. Begin by writing the main idea and explain it in a small paragraph, once a student gets hold of the format it will be far easier for them to write and explain their ideas in a better and efficient way. 
  4. Introduction and Conclusion: Now that the overall body of the essay is formed, one must write an introduction. The most important thing when writing an introduction is that it should grab the reader’s attention and show the focus of the essay. Ideally, one should begin with a piece of shocking information that will play the part of attention grabber but make sure that the statement is related to the essay in some way, once the essay is almost completed its time to write the conclusion which sums up the overall ideas. The conclusion should have 4 to 5 strong statements. Simply just end your essay by reviewing the main points.
  5. Finishing touch: After the conclusion, one might think that the essay is completed but it’s not. Before submitting the essay, one should pay attention to the details. Check the paragraphs, grammar, format of the essay, introduction, body, and conclusion. Review the instructions given by the teacher. One must double-check to ensure that their essay is a masterpiece. Make sure to reread the paper, ask for an editor’s help if possible. Once all of these steps are followed one is now ready to submit their essay, Congratulations on writing a great essay. 


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