Posted by Stephen Lendman Posted on 2 April 2020

Trump Regime Disinformation Country Report on Israel/Palestine

In its annual country report, the Trump regime’s State Department demeaned hundreds of thousands of Palestinian/Israeli citizens in Jerusalem al-Quds as nonpersons by calling them “Arab residents” and “non-Israeli citizens.”

As full-fledged Israeli citizens, not pseudo-ones or otherwise mischaracterized, they’re entitled to all rights afforded Jews under international law.

Yet never since Israel’s 1947-48 war of aggression were they treated this way — entirely opposite ruthlessly with full support and encouragement from the US, Britain, and other Western states.

Arab/Israeli citizens and others in the Occupied Territories are Palestinians, how they wish to be called, their proper designation, not something else by a US regime hostile to their fundamental rights.

PLO executive committee member Hanan Ashrawi slammed the Trump regime’s report, saying:

“Palestinian Jerusalemites are Palestinians, and they’ve been living there for centuries,” adding:

“Just to decide this, to eradicate their identity and history and culture and rename them at will, is not only preposterous, it’s unconscionable.”

Separately, the Trump regime falsely referred to apartheid Israel as “a multi-party democracy (sic)” instead of a state that denies Arab citizens and Occupied Palestinians rights afforded Jews.

“Terrorism and espionage” in the country are state-sponsored, internal and cross-border enemies invented, not real.

A permanent state of undeclared war exists against Palestinians for not being Jewish, the full might of Israeli ruling regimes exerted on defenseless millions for wanting fundamental rights afforded them under international law, what Israel denies them.

In December 2017 and March 2019, the Trump regime unlawfully recognized Israel’s “sovereignty” over Jerusalem and Syria’s Golan respectively — breaching international and US constitutional law both times, countless other times as well.

Throughout the Trump regime’s report, Palestinians were wrongfully accused of Israeli high crimes against them.

One of many examples was the following:

“Israeli forces engaged in conflict throughout the year with Palestinians at the Gaza fence, including armed terrorists, militants who launched incendiary devices into Israel, and unarmed protesters.” 

“Engagements occurred during weekly mass protests co-opted by terrorist organization Hamas and dubbed a ‘March of Return.’ ”

Fact: From March 30, 2018 weekly through 2019, and now monthly since January, unarmed Palestinians demonstrated nonviolently for liberation from Israel’s illegal politicized blockade.

The only “armed terrorists” involved were and remain on the Israeli side of the border — IDF soldiers with orders to lethally shoot, knee-cap, or otherwise maim long-suffering Palestinians.

Fact: Hamas was and remains Palestine’s democratically elected government. It’s not a “terrorist organization” as falsely designated by the State Department at the behest of terrorist state Israel.

Many more examples like the above disinformation fill the State Department’s fake news report.

Way understating the Palestinian death count from Israeli violence in Gaza since March 2018, the report ignored well over 20,000 injured from live fire and other hostile actions, thousands maimed for life.

The report falsely claimed Israeli soldiers only use live fire “as a last resort.” It’s used indiscriminately, including against women, young children, and clearly identified medical workers and journalists. 

When not unleashed to kill, live fire is aimed at knees to disable targeted victims, not “below the knee,” as the report falsely claimed.

Key is why it’s used at all against peaceful demonstrators. Why hasn’t the world community held Israel accountable for countless high crimes throughout its history that are too grievous to ignore?

When so-called Israeli inquiries into incidents are initiated, whitewash virtually always follows.

Citing falsified Israeli claims, the State Department’s report turned truth on its head, claiming Netanyahu regime security forces “foiled more than 500 major terrorist attacks during” 2019.

Israel considers legitimate Palestinian self-defense “terrorism,” its own state-sponsored terrorism defensive actions.

The report falsely claimed no “disappearances by or on behalf of government authorities.” Israeli forces kidnap defenseless Palestinians virtually daily, including young children isolated from parents and terrorized or otherwise abused.

According to the report, “exceptional methods” used by Israeli interrogators or other security forces amounting to torture are not torture because Israel says so.

In the US and Israel, torture is official state policy — even though international law prohibits it at all times, under all circumstances, with no allowed exceptions.

Flagrant abuse and other mistreatment amounting to torture is standard Israeli practice during interrogations, children mistreated the same as adults.

Israel mistreats Arab citizens and Occupied Palestinians as fifth column threats to the state because they’re not Jewish, not because of any threat posed. 

The Trump regime’s report defied reality, claiming Israeli authorities observe legal principles that prohibit “arbitrary arrest and detention and provide for the right of any person to challenge the lawfulness of his or her arrest or detention in court, and the government generally observed these requirements (sic),” adding:

“Israeli authorities appl(y) the same laws to all residents of Jerusalem, regardless of their Israeli citizenship status (sic).”

Cold hard truths debunk the above Big Lies. The US consistently ignores Israeli crimes of war, against humanity, and slow-motion genocide of the Palestinian people throughout the Occupied Territories.

Like its predecessors, the Trump regime pretends Israel is a democratic, law-abiding nation — ignoring its Ziofascist apartheid rule.

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