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Officials Starting To Question Government/Media Coronavirus Story – Updated March 28th 2020

‘WARNING – do not take your cell phones out when you leave. Many people are already aware that they are tracking your congregations to see if you are complying with social distancing measures. (which are impossible to keep yet that’s the whole point). The “authorities” will now track infected patients to stores you’re permitted to travel to and then track your phone if it was in the area. After that they target you for a test that has a 80% false positive ratio. Do not turn your GPS on in your car because it will be tracked in the same way. Do not even bring your phone out with you and turn it off because it still pings GPS signals when it’s off. (with most brands) Once you’re deemed to be in a store with a “sick person”, they may come track you down for a test……and your entire family will be tested as well because you all live together. The COVID-19 PCR test…. tests for the common cold virus, which can be circulating in your system at anytime, while your body is already immune to it. Regardless if you are sick or not, taking the heavily unreliable PCR confirmation test, could see your life change drastically when you register a false positive……when you’re perfectly healthy. Marking healthy people as sick gives fuel to the false narrative the government wants everyone to believe and can provide the justification to march you right out of your house when you’re not infected. Non thinking order takers who work for the government is what makes all this possible. Make sure all family members leave their phones at home because if the state comes to test one person, everyone in the home will be tested.

They will use your cell phones to start this next false wave of panic potentially. Click here as the state tries to white wash tracking you everywhere you go “for your safety”……which means you may need an implanted chip in the future and you’ll all need to submit to 5G installations because there’s no other way to track human motion to the inch…..without 5G on every lamp post. There was never a virus it appears, as is coming out now from all areas of the globe. It appears that this entire plan-demic was a roll out attempt for 5G based microchip implants and the state’s massive 5G facial recognition control grid……most faces uploaded directly from Facebook and that’s why it was always called Facebook and initiated by the CIA. (the Queen’s personal organization/good squad inside the United States) Click here for more info about tracking your phone and social distancing. It’s time to unplug from the entire system in anyway we can.

With people chipped and tracked using extremely unhealthy 5G technology, the state will be able to fine or arrest you as you walk inside your own home or even if you try to make love to your partner or hug your child. Once COVID leaves….the social distance lie-ahria is going to stay to push for a complete Orwellian control grid and for the eventual super toxic vaccinations in order to attend events where you can’t social distance…….like airplanes, airports, sports games, grocery stores, rock concerts, theme parks..just everything you used to do before. This is why we need to push back hard on the social distancing and bring back evidence to the forefront that disease isn’t spread in this manner….so we don’t get locked down inside a facial recognition, anti love control grid run by the darkest psychopaths on this planet. The vaccines won’t be mandatory unless you decide to attend an event when social distancing is impossible. At that point, the people start dropping like flies…….and the entire vaccine sickness wave is reframed by corrupt authority as a rebound of COVID. They’re already talking about the rebound of COVID around vaccine time, right now…….it’s never too early to try and explain all the people dropping dead or becoming sick from the needles full of poison. A loveless society is a dream of the evil force behind govenrment because it hates all life on this planet, not just the humans. At some point years down the road, the government takes over full reproduction in state hatcheries….talked about in Huxley’s Brave New World because no one can break social distancing rules. Full population control at that point, deep intelligence removed before birth….worker bees only. We need to organize now to push back against this attack on nature, life, freedom and our ability to create life, love and happiness in our lives.….if we see this coming together in anyway.’

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