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Power Grab: The National Plan To Vaccinate Every American

The proper role of science is to advise government but not to be government. As this critical and fully sourced report reveals, the vaccine industry has totally usurped and compromised the role of government in order to promote its own business of selling vaccines.Further, this is the heartbeat of Technocracy and social engineering. In the 1930s, the Technocracy Study Course stated,

Among the Service Sequences are education (this would embrace the complete training of the younger generation), and public health (medicine, dentistry, public hygiene, and all hospitals and pharmaceutical plants as well as institutions for defectives).

Decisions were not to be left to the individual, but to the self-appointed Technocrats who believed that only science could determine what is best for society. This group/herd management ideology is fully showcased by modern Technocrats.

Yes, they actually had a program to institutionalize ‘defectives’ who could not be brought into compliance with public health standards. ⁃ TN Editor

Scientists at the National Institutes of Health are working with a biotech company to quickly start clinical trials of an experimental messenger RNA vaccine and fast track it to licensure. 1 The FDA has not yet licensed messenger RNA vaccines that use part of the RNA of a virus to manipulate the body’s immune system into stimulating a potent immune response. 2 3  It looks like the coronavirus vaccine will be the first genetically engineered messenger RNA vaccine to be fast tracked to licensure, just like Gardasil was the first genetically engineered virus-like particle vaccine to be fast tracked to licensure. 4 5

There likely will be lots of questions about whether the fast tracked coronavirus vaccine was studied long enough to adequately demonstrate safety, especially for people who have trouble resolving strong inflammatory responses in their bodies and may be at greater risk for vaccine reactions.6 7 8 9 10 However, there is no question about what will happen if the Centers for Disease Control’s (CDC) Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) 11 12 recommends that all Americans get the newly licensed coronavirus vaccine.

The government has a National Vaccine Plan. It is a Plan designed to make sure you, your child and everyone in America gets every dose of every vaccine that government officials recommend now and in the future.

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