Posted by Roger Mallett Posted on 22 March 2020

The Enigma of the Crystal Skulls.

Roger Mallett [Staff Author]

The last couple of decades there has been a growing interest in ancient crystal skulls. The most famous crystal skull, which is as big as a human skull, was discovered by Anna Mitchell-Hedges, daughter of the archaeologist F. A. Mitchell-Hedges, while exploring the ruins of a Mayan city in British Honduras (Belize). When the skull was found, the Mayans became very excited and celebrated for days.

Day after day more and more Mayans came to the place of discovery to see and venerate this mysterious object. It was obviously something sacred to them, so F. A. Mitchell-Hedges decided to give the skull to the Mayan people. When the archaeological work was over the Mayans gave the skull back. Since then it has been in the hands of Anna, who has shown the skull numerous times to interested people in order to share this wonderful object with others.

The Mitchell-Hedges skull is a masterpiece of art. It was made from one piece of clear crystal, but the lower jaw is a separate piece and removable. The skull shows all the details of a normal human skull. It seems to have been made without the aid of metal tools because of the absence of typical scratches metal tools make. Laboratory tests tell us that it is impossible to duplicate this skull with modern equipment. One reason is that it has been made with total disregard to the axis of the crystal. Cutting crystal with disregard to the axis normally results in the shattering of the crystal, unless you have special equipment.

Also, there are optical lenses inside the skull which produce a particular light phenomena. Light is channelled from the base of the skull into the excavated eye sockets by a set of concave and convex lenses built into the skull. If a fire or a light is placed underneath the skull its eyes will flicker with intense light.

Supernatural Fascination: Joshua Shapiro, coauthor of Mysteries of the Crystal Skulls Revealed, cites claims of healing and expanded psychic abilities from people who have been in the presence of such skulls.

“We believe the Crystal Skulls are a form of computer which are able to record energy and vibration that occur around them,” he writes. ” The skull will pictorially replay all events or images of the people who have come into contact with them (i.e. they contain the history of our world).”

Many believe that there is a strong connection between crystal skulls and the Lost Continent of Atlantis, and perhaps some of the Ancient Crystal Skulls from South America originally came from Atlantis when they were saved from the Fall.

The fact remains that no one knows for sure who made these skulls and when. And since there is currently no way to accurately determine the age of such inorganic objects, the mystery will likely continue.



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