Posted by Stephen Lendman Posted on 20 March 2020

Sanders Capitulates to Biden

Sanders capitulated before the race began. He’s yet to formally announce what’s coming, a repeat of 2016. 

It’s just a matter of days or weeks before he officially concedes, ends his campaign, and endorses dirty business as usual advocate Biden — showing he supports what he falsely claims to oppose.

Biden and Trump are two sides of the same coin, supporters of special interests exclusively, dismissive of public health, welfare, fundamental rights for everyone, the rule of law, and world peace — notions they abhor and don’t tolerate.

Too far behind to catch up in the race to be Dem standard bearer rigged for Biden against him, Sanders faces the near-impossible task of winning around 70% of remaining delegates to be selected before the July Dems nominating convention.

Following Tuesday primaries in Florida, Illinois and Arizona, swept by Biden, giving him an overwhelming delegate count lead, Sanders’ campaign manager Faiz Shakir said the following:

“The next primary contest is at least three weeks away…Sanders is going to be having conversations with supporters to assess his campaign.”

“In the immediate term, however, he is focused on the government response to the coronavirus outbreak and ensuring that we take care of working people and the most vulnerable.”

In or out of the race, he can publicly address the issue and others, calling for policy actions he claims to support.

In 2016 and throughout his current campaign, he knew and now knows that Hillary and Biden would be Dem standard bearers, not him.

So he’s gone through the motions, enjoying his so-called 15 minutes of fame four years ago and now.

For 30 years in Congress, he’s been an undemocratic Dem party loyalist, pretending to be a democratic socialist. His voting record most often along party lines shows otherwise.

If he continues in the race weeks longer, it’ll be for further self-aggrandizement, perhaps another 7-figure book deal, and other benefits accruing to party loyalists — unrelated to upsetting Biden in a race he can’t win because manipulative party bosses won’t permit it.

That’s how the debauched US political process works, voting a waste of time when so-called elections are held.

Outcomes are pre-determined to assure no divergence from continuity. Governance serves privileged interests exclusively at the expense of most others.

Sander wasn’t in the 2016 and 2020 races to change things, only to give the appearance of seeking radical change, what a grassroots revolution alone could possibly achieve — never a US election that always turns out the same way.

Throughout the history of the republic it’s been this way. Until the mid-19th century, Black Americans were considered property, not people with equal rights.

By the end of the century, Native Americans were nearly exterminated, their culture and heritage erased from mainstream textbooks and classroom instruction to the highest levels.

Class divisions to this day show the US is a racist society. Until the 19th Amendment (1920), women were denied suffrage, considered homemakers and childrearers alone.

It took 144 years of struggle after the nation’s founding for gender-free enfranchisement to become the law of the land in a nation where women are still largely treated as inferior in a male chauvinist society.

From the nation’s founding to today, “We the People of the United States,” the Constitution’s opening phrase, meant America’s white male privileged class, not its ordinary people of any race, creed, color, or gender — things much the same today.

Earlier free-wheeling/self-serving politicians reflect how today’s political class operates for much greater stakes globally than when America was founded.

The US political system is structured to prevent radical change.

It’s why when so-called elections are held, things always turn out the same way. Later this year will be no different than earlier.

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