Posted by Stephen Lendman Posted on 19 March 2020

Trump Regime Seeks Mass Suffering and Deaths in Iran and Venezuela

US policies against all nations on its target list for regime change aim to inflict as much harm and misery to as many people as possible — extrajudicially.

Both right wings of the US war party have long wanted legitimate governments in Iran and Venezuela replaced by pro-Western puppet rule — to eliminate their sovereign independence and gain control over their vast hydrocarbon resources.

Ruling authorities of both nations are trying to halt the spread of COVID-19, along with providing vital medical treatment to infected nationals.

On Monday, Venezuelan President Maduro declared a nationwide quarantine to contain outbreaks.

It limits movement and commercial activity throughout the country, Venezuelan military forces and police enforcing the order for the protection of everyone nationwide.

The order excludes healthcare workers, security forces, and individuals involved in distribution of food and other essentials to life and well-being.

So far, only about three dozen confirmed COVID-19 cases were reported. It’s feared that many more may show up because the disease is highly contagious.

Anyone coming in contact with an infected person is vulnerable to contract it, why individuals sick from the disease must be isolated.

The Trump regime imposed a near-blockade on the country. On Friday, Venezuelan Attorney General Tarek Saab accused the US of blocking imports of drugs and medical supplies to treat COVID-19 cases.

Urging help from the world community, he called it legally and morally unacceptable to keep sanctions in place against Venezuela and its people.

The US-controlled IMF, the international loan shark of last resort, denied a request by Maduro’s government for a $5 billion loan to deal with COVID-19 for phony reasons.

Outbreak of the disease in Iran exceeds 16,000 cases, nearly 1,000 deaths reported so far, the toll increasing daily, according to the country’s health ministry. 

Over 5,000 patients recovered. The elderly and individuals with other serious health issues are most vulnerable.

Iran also sought a $5 billion IMF loan, likely to be denied or if granted will only be with unacceptably harsh conditions demanding rejection.

On Tuesday, new US sanctions on the country were imposed — related to Iran’s petrochemical industry, part of Trump regime economic terrorism against its people.

Days earlier, Iranian Foreign Minister Zarid denounced Trump for “maliciously tightening US illegal sanctions with aim of draining Iran’s resources needed in the fight against COVID-19,” adding:

“The world can no longer be silent as US economic terrorism is supplanted by (US) medical terrorism.”

Nations observing illegal US sanctions on Iran and other nations are complicit with its criminality, especially for failing to export vitally needed food, medicines, and related products.

Zarif stressed that “efforts to fight COVID-19 (are) severely hampered by (illegal) US sanctions,” noting that it’s “IMMORAL to let a bully kill innocents.”

By letter to UN secretary general Guterres, appointed by the US to to serve its imperial interests, Zarif called on the world body and its member states to help — insisting that illegal sanctions be lifted.

China’s Foreign Ministry spokesman Geng Shaung denounced Trump regime actions, saying:

“At a crucial (time when) governments and peoples of all countries are fighting together against the epidemic of a new coronavirus, the (US) is determined to” wage sanctions war.

“We urge the (Trump regime) to immediately lift unilateral sanction on Iran (and Venezuela). Continued sanctions are against humanitarianism and hamper (an) epidemic response.”

China’s Foreign Ministry added that “Beijing will continue providing assistance to Tehran based on the needs of the Iranian side and its own capabilities, and we also call on the international community to cooperate with Iran to ensure public health security at a regional and global level.”

Barbaric Trump regime policies aim for maximum human suffering and deaths in Venezuela, Iran, and other sovereign countries not controlled by the US.

At a time of international duress, world community solidarity and mutual cooperation are especially vital to help nations and people in need.

Washington’s imperial agenda is polar opposite — a rogue state contemptuous of human lives and welfare.

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