Posted by Stephen Lendman Posted on 19 March 2020

Biden Defeats Sanders in Three Tuesday Primaries

With 99% of votes counted in Florida and Illinois, around 90% in Arizona, Tuesday primary results in these states were as follows:

Florida: Biden over Sanders by a 61.9% – to 22.8% margin

Illinois: Biden over Sanders by 59.1% – 36.1%

Arizona: With most votes counted, Biden is ahead by a 43.6% – 31.6% margin over Sanders.

On Tuesday, Biden won 249 more delegates to Sanders’ 116, 76 still to be reported.

In total, Biden has 1,147 delegates to Sanders’ 861 — 1,991 needed to be nominated.

The race to be Dem standard bearer in November is virtually over, save for Sanders’ concession and Dem party bosses making it official.

It was likely over before begun, establishment figures alone allowed to represent both right wings of the one-party state in the contest for president and key congressional posts.

Sanders very much is establishment but not up to Biden’s standard — largely “safe” but not “safe” enough.

The former senator and vice president is a longstanding dyed-in-the-wool dirty business as usual advocate, sure to continue Washington’s debauched system unchanged as head of state.

From now to end of March, only an American Samoa caucus and Puerto Rico primary are scheduled.

In April, primaries are scheduled in New York, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Rd. Island, Maryland, Delaware, Wisconsin, Alaska and Hawaii, along with a Wyoming caucus.

Georgia’s March 24 primary was rescheduled for May 19, Ohio’s primary pushed back from March 17 to June 2.

Perhaps before end of March or soon thereafter, Sanders will concede, never in the race to begin with, pretending otherwise.

As the saying goes, he had his 15 minutes of fame a second time around. 

Conceding followed by endorsing Biden is certain, ignoring his tainted resume.

Supporting him like Hillary in 2016 shows where Sanders really stands on the issues — polar opposite his rhetoric.

A democratic socialist in name only, he’s a dirty politician like most others in Washington — never to be trusted.

According to Real Clear Politics, polls from March 10 – 15 show Biden leads Sanders by 22 points in Ohio, 11 points in Pennsylvania, 13 points in Wisconsin, 18 points in Georgia, Connecticut by 18 points, and 38 points in Delaware.

Sanders is slightly ahead in New York and Maryland. He’s too far behind to catch up.

Biden’s rocky start was resurrected by the power of electoral rigging, a longstanding US tradition for the past 200 years or longer.

In America, incumbents are heavily favored over challengers, especially for president.

It’s a long time from now to November. Pocket book issues matter most to US voters.

If the US sinks into protracted recession because of economic weakness, exacerbated by spreading COVID-19 outbreaks and Trump’s failure to address the issue promptly and responsibly, he’s vulnerable to be a one-term president.

The alternative under Biden is just as dismal, a figure contemptuous of governance serving all Americans equitably. 

He’ll only represent the privileged few like the vast majority of others in Washington.

Whichever right wing of the one-party state runs things, continuity is assured.

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