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Why millions of users around the world choose Omegle

Internet communication has long been a part of our lives. Only a minimum of effort is required – just a computer or smartphone with network access and a desire to talk. Minimum data about yourself — you may not even state your name. enjoys a distinctive spot among sites for anonymous communication.

This is an American online web-chat service. It works both in video and as well as in text mode. Chat partners are selected randomly — which is why Omegle is called a video chat roulette. Communication is completely anonymous, you don’t even need to state your name, you will be a “Stranger” to others anyway.

English is the main language for communicating in However, you can find a lot of users who speak other widespread languages of the world here.

History and features

The web service was created in the spring of 2009 by an eighteen-year-old American named Leif K-Brooks. A convenient and simple platform for anonymous communication, which immediately appealed to users — after a month of work, the number of daily views reached one hundred and fifty thousand. 

The main feature of this video chat is you can select your chat partner by their interests. That is, even with complete anonymity, you can specify your interests in the profile, and the resource will give you pop up windows for communicating with those people who have indicated similar pastimes.

Today is a free anonymous chat where you can make friends from all over the world, without the need for SMS or registration. It is advisable to know English, otherwise, you may have to omit many random chat users. However, you can communicate in text mode using an automatic translator. 

How to start communicating at

Have you decided to try chatting on Omegle? Make use of our tips. Especially, since there are very few of them.

  1. Follow the service guidelines

Before proceeding to the communication windows, it is worth perusing the conditions for rendering the services. According to them:

  • You must be over 13 years old.
  • If you are under 18, then you must have permission to use the site from parents or guardians.
  • You are not going to break any laws.
  • You will not demonstrate or transmit obscenity in a video chat or offend other users.

That’s all. Nothing else is officially required from you, except for a well-functioning video camera and internet access.

  1. Choose your own comfortable way of communicating

Once you log on to the main page of the video chat, the “Start chatting” button will appear at the bottom right. It will have two options – “Video” and “Text”.

Choose the option that suits you most at this moment. You and the other person can either see each other and communicate by voice, or by text correspondence.

  1. Remember the “Stop” button

In the lower-left part of the window, there will be a “Stop” button that ends the ongoing chat. When you click on it, you will get the question “Are you sure?”, which you also need to click on. That is, in order to completely end the chat, you need to click twice. This is useful when you want to quickly close a chat with unpleasant content.  

You should also take into account that many users will just as quickly end the chat with you. Do not take this to heart – many Omegle patrons at first like to “go window shopping” and select the most interesting person to talk to.

  1. Specify your interests

On the main page it is possible to list your hobbies or other desired topics for conversation. This is done by using the dialog box “What would you like to talk about?”.

Remember that you should enter short keywords that are recognized by the video-chat algorithm. If you did everything correctly, then in the next chat you’ll find someone with similar passions. If not, the chat will begin anyway, but only in the normal random search mode.

  1. Save your favorite chats

If communication was so pleased that you want to remember it, do not resist this temptation. Once the conversation ends, an orange button will appear in front of you with the question “Did you like the conversation?” It will then list the links, among which you need to select the one called “Get the link”. It opens the chat log, which can be easily copied.

If you want to show the chat to your friends on social networks, click on the corresponding social media network icon (Twitter, Facebook or any other) and receive a message processed according to the desired format with your selected chat dialogue.

  1. Chat with classmates

Omegle has a special option that allows students of a particular college to communicate with each other. In order to participate in such a type of communication, you need to click the “Student chat” button, which can be seen on the main page.

Next, you need to specify a working email address and click the confirmation link that you’ll receive by email — and in no time you’ll be all ready chatting with your classmates.

  1. A great find for spies

Test the so-called “spy mode”, which allows you to covertly view what others write about your proposed topic. To do this, click the small button on the right with the same name.

Enter the question you want to ask, click the “Ask others” button, and start observing! If you want to take part in the discussion yourself, you will need to click on the button called “Discussion of issues”, which is located just below. 

  1. Chat for adults

If you are already 18 years old, you can go to a specialized adult chat. To be honest, most users only sit here for the sake of “cherries”.

To enter the “adult” sections of the video-chat, click on the “For adults” or “No moderation” buttons. And keep in mind that there is a 99% chance that you’ll get to see some erotic content.

All-in-all, communicate to your liking, it’s good that gives you all the tools for this.

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