Posted by Stephen Lendman Posted on 16 March 2020

The CIA-Linked WaPo Lying Machine at it Again

Like other US major media, WaPo publishes state-approved propaganda on major world and national issues — featuring managed news misinformation and disinformation, truth-telling prohibited.

In recent editions, WaPo invented nonexistent slave labor in China and nonexistent mass burial pits in Iran, along with praising Trump’s tepid response to a growing COVID-19 crisis, calling it “America at its best.”

WaPo falsely accused China of “cultural genocide” against Muslims population, a bald-faced Big Lie.

It falsely claimed “hundreds of thousands (are held in) concentration camps (as) forced labor” — its report the broadsheet’s latest anti-China propaganda piece.

Like other establishment media, no evidence was presented backing its claims because none exists.

Last year, the House and Senate passed the so-called Uyghur Human Rights Policy Act of 2019 — about people the vast majority of congressional members don’t care a hoot about, the measure’s purpose solely to bash China.

House changes in the Senate version were sent back to the upper body. No further action on the measure was taken so far.

GOP hardliner Rep. Chris Smith falsely accused China of “mass intern(ing) millions on a scale not seen since” Nazi Germany in WW II.

Evidence supporting claims of widespread Chinese human rights abuses is flawed at best, maliciously invented at worst.

China’s Global Times slammed its lack of credibility. So did Nike supplier Qingdao Taekwang Shoes Co in Qingdao, saying Uygur and other workers are treated the same.

A senior plant employee called an earlier WaPo report on Uygur workers in China “slander.” They “can go anywhere they want (and) leave any time they want,” he said.

Statements by other companies are similar. Claims about slave labor, torture, and other forms of abuse are falsified rubbish.

Fudan University’s Research Center for Cyberspace Governance director Shen Yi said reports alleging the above abuses have no validity. 

They’re hostile to China, part of US-led propaganda war on the country.

A second whopper of a WaPo fake news report invented nonexistent “burial pits (in Iran) so vast they’re visible from space” — perhaps when sleeping and dreaming, not awake in the real world.

According to Iran’s health ministry on Saturday, 12,729 individuals tested positive for COVID-19, 4,339 patients recovered, 611 died. 

Iran’s Press TV slammed WaPo’s “fake news” about mass COVID-19 burial pits, stressing:

WaPo maliciously “published a string of exclusively conspiracy-minded and politicized reports about the coronavirus outbreak in Iran” that defy reality — including the latest rubbish about “football field” sized newly dug “trenches” that don’t exist.

Around two-thirds of world countries are dealing with COVID-19 outbreaks — China and Iran getting inordinate attention because both countries are on the US target list for regime change.

China has made great strides in containing the virus. It’s been hardest hit compared to other countries, but deserves high praise by going all-out to stabilize conditions.

Over 80,000 people were infected. More than 3,000 died. An entire province with 60 million people was locked down as a containment measure. Numbers of new infections are waning.

WHO officials praised how Iran is dealing with the disease. A statement by director Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said “(w)e know that Iran is doing its best, all it can,” adding:

“That’s what I appreciate. They need lots of supplies, and…we have tried to support as much as we can. We’re trying to mobilize more support for Iran.”

Foreign Ministry spokesman Abbas Mousavi slammed illegal US sanctions that prevent importation of food and medicines, saying:

“The oppressive and illegal American sanctions (imposed on the country) within the framework of ‘maximum pressure’ have affected public welfare and health in Iran.”

“Although medicine and medical equipment should be exempt from the sanctions…the course of relevant transactions has been blocked.”  

“However, they brazenly claim that medicine and foodstuffs are not subject to the sanctions.” Trump regime officials and establishment media lied.

No mass COVID-19 or other burial pits in the country exist, no special arrangements needed to lay to rest around 600 who died from the virus or numbers perishing from other diseases.

With a population about fourfold Iran’s, the US had a reported 2,813,503 deaths in 2019, including from infectious diseases, according to the CDC.

Any burial pits or other mass graves reported in the US? Any out of the ordinary burial arrangements reported?

Of course not! Nor in Iran! WaPo lied claiming otherwise.

Its editors praised the Trump regime and Congress for their (unacceptable) response to extraordinary conditions created by the COVID-19 outbreak.

Instead of going all-out to contain it straightaway, delaying to address it was followed by authorizing crumbs so far instead of a full-court press response, requiring hundreds of billions of dollars minimally for mass testing, treatment, and payments to workers forced to stay home for illness, loss of jobs, or other COVID-19 related reasons — for an indefinite period that could be months.

Social distancing ongoing in cities and towns nationwide is the right thing to do, including closure or suspension of public events to avoid mass gatherings.

WaPo admitted that although Trump declared a state of emergency Friday, he was “negligent” for telling people not to worry, falsely claiming everything is “totally under control.”

The nation and global community are in uncharted waters. China’s hard-nosed/full court press approach worked — polar opposite how the Trump regime and Congress are handling things.

They’re more concerned about corporate health than human welfare. 

Although COVID-19 hasn’t reached epidemic levels in the US and vast majority of other countries, it may happen in the weeks and months ahead by rapidly spreading.

Cost containment and corporate profit-making are prioritized by the Trump regime and Congress when all-out efforts are needed nationwide no matter the cost.

Hopefully COVID-19 can be contained in the weeks and months ahead. 

It won’t unless Washington authorizes whatever it takes to stop the disease from spreading and provide mass testing, treatment, and other benefits for all affected.  

Not so far from Trump or Congress, no indication of a change of policy.

Professor Martin Makary MD at Johns Hopkins School of Public Health warned that “(w)hat happened in Wuhan (China)” can happen in the US and anywhere else without properly addressing the issue.

“Viruses don’t care about politics, and they don’t care about location,” he stressed.

US medical facilities have about 100,000 intensive care unit beds most often operating at near-or-full capacity.

“If we get 200,000 critical care cases, we’re going to be overrun,” Makary warned, stressing much more needs to be done to be ready in case of a mass COVID-19 outbreak that needs extraordinary efforts to contain.

The Trump regime’s approach to testing is flawed. It’s only authorized if symptoms develop when its availability should be widespread.

Makary praised how South Korea is handling its outbreak by prioritizing mass testing to discover, isolate, and treat infected people when there’s maximum time to save lives and minimize spreading of the disease to others.

That’s the right approach, what the US hasn’t taken.

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