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Chinese Scientists Find MORE Evidence That Coronavirus Discriminates By Race

‘Well, this is getting really serious: Coronavirus (now increasingly known as COVID-19) has reached Washington, DC [Rector of prominent Washington, D.C., church tests positive for coronavirus, CBS, March 8, 2020; CPAC chair had brief contact with coronavirus patient at conference, says he’s not alarmed, Fox News, March 8, 2020]. Global panic is in the air: Italy, which appears to be peculiarly vulnerable to COVID-19 as it was to the 1918 Spanish Flu Pandemic ,has reacted with arguably counter-productive ferocity [Leaked coronavirus plan to quarantine 16m sparks chaos in Italy, Guardian, March 8, 2020]. But, although totally repressed by our race-denying Ruling Class—did you know that Kirkland WA, where the bulk of U.S. deaths have occurred, was 11.3% Asian in the 2010 census?—the evidence that there may be an ethnic and/or racial dimension to the disease continues to mount. Which could mean that the Ruling Class is frightening most people too much—and not warning some people enough.

The evidence has been helpfully brought together by Canadian blogger and independent researcher Peter Frost, who has published in such scientific journals as the Journal of Circumpolar Health, on his blog Evo and Proud [Coevolution with the plague, by Peter Frost, Evo and Proud, March 2, 2020].

Frost reports that there have now been three studies which have attempted to test whether or not there might be genetically-based race differences in susceptibility to COVID-19. The first is the one which I discussed last week, [Single-cell RNA expression profiling of ACE2, the putative receptor of Wuhan 2019-nCov, by Yu Zhao et al., bioRxiv, 2020]. As Frost noted in a comment on my piece at the Unz Review:

The authors found that the ACE2 receptor is concentrated in certain cells and that the number of such cells in lung tissue was five times greater in the Asian donor. There was only one Asian donor in the entire sample, and no further description is provided on this “Asian.” However, the chances are low that the same normal distribution would produce such an extreme outlier.

So, we can be cautiously confident that this study provides of evidence for there being race differences in susceptibility to the virus.

A second study, Frost observes, appeared to refute the first. It did not find “significant differences in ACE2 receptor gene expression between Asian and Caucasian lung tissue.” [Bulk and single-cell transcriptomics identify tobacco-use disparity in lung gene expression of ACE2, the receptor of 2019-nCov, by G. Cai, medRxiv, 2020].’

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