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What does it feel like to have coronavirus? No need to panic says former sufferer

‘One of the first people in Scotland to contract coronavirus has spoken about his experience of the illness.

The Covid-19 patient told BBC Scotland he wanted to provide reassurance for the majority of people who are expected to make a full recovery.

He was diagnosed with Covid-19 about 10 days ago following a trip to Italy and becoming feverish.

The man, in his 50s, was treated in isolation in a Scottish hospital and has now fully recovered.

He told BBC Radio Scotland’s Drivetime with John Beattie programme he had travelled to watch the Scotland rugby team take on Italy in the Six Nations tournament.

He went between Milan, Pisa, Florence and Luca, spending four nights in Rome for the rugby match.

The man said: “I returned on 25 February but because the place I had been to was a category two area, when I came back it didn’t have any particular restrictions in place.

“I felt no symptoms. I was completely fine and went to work on the Wednesday and Thursday. Later on the Thursday evening, I started to feel a bit of a flu coming on. I had a mild fever, I felt shivery but the biggest symptom was aches and pains, particularly in my legs.’

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