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9 Unique Gift Ideas for the Cop in Your Life

Gift-giving is such an exciting and fun activity, but for some people, it can induce severe stress. Finding the perfect gift is a special skill that is a combination of solid intuition, thoughtfulness, and sometimes an unlimited budget.

Are you struggling with finding the perfect gift for your father or friend, who is a cop? Whether you’re celebrating a milestone birthday or a promotion at work, check out our ultimate gift guide. These carefully picked options will earn you several brownie points!

  • Electric Coffee Mug

Long, demanding work hours is something police officers are quite familiar with. And this means the stereotype of them drinking large quantities of coffee is true to an extent. 

Gift your loved one the joy of relishing a warm cup of coffee on the go with an electric coffee mug. Also, you will help them avoid unfortunate instances of spilling hot coffee on themselves while driving.

  • Personalized Crystal Decanter

For an officer who appreciated a drink after a tough day of work, get a personalized crystal decanter. You can personalize it with their initials or an outline of their badge. It’s a glamorous gift that will remind them of the hard work they do every day. You can easily find one online at affordable rates.

  • Extra Set of Cuffs

Some departments provide handcuffs to their officers, while some don’t. Either way, a sturdy pair of handcuffs will be handy for a patrolling police officer. If they come across more than one suspect at once, they will be incredibly grateful for your thoughtful present. 

  • Quality Search Gloves

Being a police officer involves searching suspects, crime scenes, vehicles, and so on. You’d be surprised to know how much dirt and grime police officers come in contact with on a daily basis. 

For the sake of their hygiene and overall health, present them with a pair of high-quality search gloves.

  • Customized Tactical Knife

While a firearm will remain a cop’s primary weapon, it’s always good to carry a tactical knife. It can be useful in a variety of ways, including cutting off seat belts or breaking a window. 

If your loved one is someone who’s fond of knives, then search for a foldable serrated knife and get it customized. You can get their initials or graduation date engraved on the handle.

  • Battery Phone Case

From taking photos to recording audio, a smartphone is a godsend that performs a wide range of functions. Unfortunately, lasting battery life is something many smartphones lack. 

You can solve the issue by gifting a battery-equipped phone case. In addition to extending the battery life, such cases also protect phones against falls.

  • Badge-Concealing Wallet

A quintessential gift option for any occasion is a wallet. It’s simple yet useful. But you can add a twist to this basic present, by gifting a badge-concealing wallet. You must be aware that police officers are required to carry their badges all the time. Therefore, any cop would love receiving a badge-concealing wallet. 

  • Tactical Watch

While we’re used to looking at our phones to check the time, for a cop, it’s better to have a tactical watch. Tactical watches are easy to read and durable.

  • Doughnut-themed present

Cops have been forever teased for being obsessed with doughnuts. If you’re looking for a gag gift that will prompt a few laughs, then consider a doughnut-themed present. You can buy a doughnut-shaped coffee mug or go all out with a doughnut store gift card.

Hopefully, this list helped you find a fantastic gift for the police officer in your life. Remember, your attention to detail means a lot more than the number of zeros on a price tag.

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