Posted by Stephen Lendman Posted on 11 March 2020

Pro-War NYT Blames Victims for US Crimes Against Them

Times state-approved propaganda on the US regime change war in Syria is some of the most despicable in modern memory.

It consists of bald-faced Big Lies wrapped in more lies, and still more of them — supporting aggression waged by the US and its imperial partners, including other Western countries, Turkey, Israel and the Saudis.

The latest Times report on Syria reads like a typical Pentagon, NATO, CIA, or joint Trump/Netanyahu regime press release.

The contributor is likely on one of their payrolls, taking orders, saluting and obeying, putting out rubbish as directed.

Calling US aggression “civil war” and cutthroat killer terrorists “rebels” or “opposition forces” is part of the mass deception.

The same thing goes for demeaning Bashar al-Assad, ignoring his legitimacy as Syria’s president and overwhelming popularity among Syrians.

The US, its imperial partners, and jihadist proxies bear full responsibility for hundreds of thousands of Syrian deaths, countless more injuries, and millions of Syrians needing humanitarian aid — none supplied by the West and its imperial partners.

The US, NATO, their regional allies and UN supply it only to jihadist controlled areas — not intended for civilians held hostage as human shields.

When government forces liberate cities, towns and villages, residents embrace them for freeing them from jihadist captivity.

Not according to the Times lying machine, falsely saying when Syria’s army reaches Idlib City, “its million residents are likely to flee, doubling the number of displaced people in the north (sic).”

It’s unclear how many civilians are in Idlib city. Pre-war, its population was around 160,000.

Claims of up to a million civilians fleeing north toward Turkey’s border were debunked by Russian satellite imagery.

Liberated Syrians are heading back to their home areas to begin rebuilding their lives, aided by Damascus and Moscow.

The Times shamefully quoted a Syrian woman, saying her “only choice is to wait for death,” the propaganda piece falsely blaming Russia and Syria for their misery.

Their warplanes don’t threaten civilians. Jihadists do by shelling residential areas. If “death” comes, they and their imperial handlers will bear full responsibility.

The Times propagandist visited al-Nusra controlled Idlib city, calling these cutthroat killer jihadists a “rebel group.”

She lied claiming civilians fled areas “because of airstrikes…dropping cluster bombs.”

They’re used by the US, NATO, Turkey, Israel, and the Saudis, not by Russia and Syria.

Civilians are being shelled multiple times daily by US/Turkish supported terrorists, not targeted or threatened by Russian or Syrian warplanes.

The Times: “There has been no letup for the people of Idlib province as the forces of President Bashar al-Assad of Syria, backed by Russian air power, have smashed their way forward (sic), demolishing towns and villages in the south and east of the province with punishing airstrikes (sic).”

Government forces, greatly aided by Russian airpower, liberated numerous cities, towns and villages in Syria, including in Idlib province — freeing civilians, not “demolishing towns and villages,” one of countless Times Big Lies — part of its pro-imperial/anti-Syria propaganda campaign throughout the war.

The Times: “(W)hen Russian planes begin a concerted assault, they use overwhelming force, laying down lines of repressive fire that force people to run for their lives with only minutes to get away (sic).”

Efforts by Syrian and Russian forces are the difference between liberation of civilians from captivity at the hands of jihadists or continuing to be brutalized by them.

The Times propagandist visited an al-Nusra controlled area — al-Qaeda by another name —  is evidence of its complicity with and advocacy for its fighters that terrorize Syrian civilians.

Well into the propaganda piece where readership drops off sharply, the Times admitted that Hayat Tahir al-Sham — aka al-Nusra, aka al-Qaeda, is a UN designated terrorist group.

So how did the Times propagandist get to where they operate?

Its fighters “allowed Western journalists into Idlib in cooperation with Turkey,” said the Times, failing to explain that the Trump and Erdogan regimes arm, fund, train, direct, and support these elements, using them as proxy troops.

Syria is Washington’s war, NATO’s war, Turkey’s war, Israel’s war, the Saudis’ war — launched preemptively in mid-March 2011 against the Syrian Arab Republic threatening no one.

What the Times and other establishment media fail to report is what’s most important for everyone to know.

What they do report is state-approved propaganda, vital truths suppressed.

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