Posted by STEPHEN MCMURRAY Posted on 11 March 2020

Enemies of the State

It’s widely accepted that the Western media was infiltrated by the intelligence services decades ago and has been used, mostly willingly, to promulgate propaganda. Prior to the internet it was easy for them to go about this unnoticed because there were no alternative news sources but, with the worldwide web being accessible in virtually every home, the mainstream media’s machinations with the intelligence services have become obvious for anyone who cares to look. If the agencies involved were ever to admit it, they would justify it by saying it was necessary for national security and the good of the state. However, it would be impossible to see how the coverage of the corona virus saga could support that narrative.

The Media are at War with the Nation

The hysterical fear-mongering is more akin to wartime propaganda being spread by enemy forces to cause chaos in the populace and destabilise the government. The government, for its part, appears, at least at the moment, to be reacting reasonably sensibly. Even if the chances of actually containing any virus are like catching a unicorn with a butterfly net, it has to appear to be doing something, so it is putting out simple advice on how to try protect yourself against the virus. However, as the press become even more zealous in portraying this slightly dangerous virus as an apocalyptic microbe of death that may bring about the end of the word as we know it, how long will it be before they demand the government to take more draconian measures like forcible quarantine and mandatory vaccination?

Some people who understand that the newspapers are simply purveyors of propaganda wrongly think that they are doing so on behalf of the government. They are wrong. They are doing it on behalf of the secret government – the Deep State – the elitists and globalists who really run the country. It just appears as if they work for the government because most of the time the agenda of most governments are in alignment with the cabal’s. However, if the government don’t toe the line or, if they stray from the agenda, they are expendable.

At the moment, Boris Johnson’s U.K. government are on a high after trouncing the Labour party and initiating Brexit. They want to show the British people and their European counterparts that the country can be a success. The last thing they need is an economy-wrecking corona virus crisis, so I don’t believe they are the ones encouraging the press to create Armageddon out of a flu-like illness.

It’s Even More Hysterical Than Brexit Coverage

In reality, the U.K. government’s agenda diverged from that of the secret government with Brexit. As all the other parties shamelessly reneged on their promise to support the will of the people and became anti-Brexit zealots, the Tories, albeit after Boris’s purge of the ‘Pro-EU-at-all-costs’ party members, promoted the democratic process and endorsed Brexit. During the whole Brexit debacle most of the mainstream media openly supported staying shackled to the EU behemoth. In fact, their coverage was similar to their sensationalist reporting on the corona virus. There were stories of the UK running out of food and medical supplies and the economy plummeting into a black hole. Lies, exaggerations and propaganda were all that was on the media menu for years, building up to parliament’s eventual capitulation to the democratic process.  The moment Boris got elected Conservative leader the media then had the knives out for him personally.

The 5th Column

One of the ludicrous stories enlisted to support the insane idea that the Brexit vote wasn’t valid was because the British people were duped by Russian agents using social media into voting for it and that anyone who was overtly pro-Brexit was working directly for Vladimir Putin. The irony is that it is the mainstream media who are the real 5th column, working to undermine the nation. But they are not collaborators with a foreign state but rather the secret cabal that exist in every state to control the people for their own ends. Of course, what better method of control than an epidemic? Then they can control your movements by using the threat of quarantine whenever they feel like it. They can use intrusive surveillance to make sure you don’t go where you’re not supposed to. They can control the internet to ensure no so-called fake stories are spread about the corona virus but only the cabal’s propaganda and thereby take away your rapidly disappearing freedom of speech. They can control your health by giving you mandatory toxic vaccines.  They can basically do whatever they like and if you speak out you are selfish, anti-social and a threat to society.

The Media are Traitors

The media should be viewed as traitors. Some may say that maybe they should be the victims of their own draconian proposals. Perhaps we should think about curtailing their freedom to produce fake news which endangers the fabric our society and the mental and physical wellbeing of our citizens and locking away those that continue to work for the deep state instead of the public. However, I feel those drastic measure won’t be needed. So hysterical and preposterous has been their reporting on the corona virus that there will probably be a public backlash. Mainstream news and newspapers have been losing viewers and readers for years. Most sensible people now get their news from more reliable, unbiased alternative sources and, I suspect after this manufactured crisis is over, more and more people will see how ludicrous and unhinged the mainstream media have become and completely shun them. Even people who may believe the hype about the virus will probably want to put their head in the sand, as is human nature, and stop reading about their imminent death 24 hours a day.

The mainstream media really are the enemy of the state but they are also their own worst enemy. Hopefully when this epidemic of fear is over, they will be the victims that never fully recover.

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