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Post-Coronavirus Future? Injectable Biosensors, A.I. Virus Detection, Robots and a Cashless Society

‘As a result of the coronavirus, we are witnessing a push towards injectable sensors for virus detection, Orwellian surveillance, A.I. and robots, as well as a call to quarantine U.S. fiat money coming out of China due to its potential to spread the virus. Welcome to your new future under the coronavirus!

Whether you think the virus is a hoax (I don’t) or the reported figures are far more than what’s being said, the one thing that will affect us all is the “solution” in the grand scheme of the “problem, reaction, solution” paradigm. That being said, these “solutions” will be jammed down our throats and suddenly become a new part of everyday society like it has all become in China.

In China, residents are now harassed by drones telling them to “stay indoors,” forced quarantines for some, as well as checkpoints for taking their temperatures around transportation stations such as airports and subway screenings. And while that might seem like a good idea to stop the virus spreading, ultimately it can’t be ignored that our freedoms and liberties are being sacrificed for those implementations. But I digress, this is communist China were talking about which has essentially become a dictatorship in this writer’s opinion, requiring facial recognition to even use the internet, as Activist Post has reported.

However, what happens when that type of Orwellian society comes to the Western world?

Well, the screening procedures happening in China may come to the U.S. sooner than you may think. Next year, if the FDA approves it, a military biosensor designed by Profusa and backed by DARPA could help spot new infections weeks before symptoms begin to even show. The sensor has two parts. The first is a 3mm string of hydrogel. Inserted under the skin via syringe, the string is fitted with a specially engineered molecule that changes color when the body begins to fight an infection. The other part of the device is an electronic component attached to the skin. The senor then sends light through the skin, detects if the color change on the string occurs, and generates a signal that the wearer can send to a health care professional or website, etc.

While there are bad solutions like forcefully quarantining or testing people which will only induce more panic, Canadian artificial intelligence firm BlueDot for example warned about the new coronavirus days ahead of the official alerts from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the World Health Organization. This showcases that A.I. can be used for good and can help humanity besides just being used for evil. However, if combined with injectable biosensor technology backed by DARPA, it’s probably not going to be used in the best way possible.

Another thing we are seeing in China where the coronavirus has still hit the worst, robots are being used more and more to deliver food, help those who sick in hospitals and other uses as Yahoo reports.

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